N3 highway closure

Details of the 35-hour N3 highway closure this weekend. Image: SANRAL

SANRAL announces full N3 highway closure: Here are TIMES

The South African National Roads Agency has announced a full N3 highway closure that will span 35 hours this weekend. Here are the details …

N3 highway closure

Details of the 35-hour N3 highway closure this weekend. Image: SANRAL

SANRAL’s full N3 highway closure this weekend is set to take place due to essential demolition and reconstruction work around Durban. In a statement from the agency, the two effected areas are St. James (Spine Rd) Eastern Bridge and Lancaster Road Bridge.

Moreover, the times of the full N3 highway closure are scheduled from 17h00 on Saturday 23 March. Work will continue all of Sunday 24 March. Before reopening at 04h00 on Monday 25 March in time for weekly commuters, reports IOL.


ne highway closure
Taking place this weekend (23-25 March 2024), SANRAL predicts big disruption to Durban traffic flow. Image: File

Accordingly, the agency says St. James Bridge will be demolished and be rebuilt to span the widened N3 highway. Similarly, Lancaster Road Bridge will be demolished and reconstructed to improved highway specifications. SANRAL apologises for any inconvenience the 35-hour N3 highway closure will cause motorists this weekend.


N3 highway closure
The agency has a selection of alternative routes in light of the N3 highway closure. Image: File

Furthermore, it warns that the closure will ‘significantly impact traffic flow in the vicinity’

  • Heavy motor vehicles south of Durban are advised to divert to the M7.
  • Travellers east and north are encouraged to utilise the M19.
  • Light vehicles heading eastward can opt for the M13 (King Cetshwayo Highway).

“We understand this will be a major disruption to traffic flow and we’ve done our utmost to minimise the impact. Motorists are urged to plan and adjust their travel times to ensure they arrive at their destinations on time, while adhering to the speed limits,” said Jason Lowe, eastern region project manager for SANRAL.

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