N2 oThongathi toll fees

Don’t underestimate the cost of N3 toll fees this December. Picture: File/Fotor.

Here’s what you’ll pay in N3 TOLL fees this December in SA

Make sure to set aside extra time (and money) this festive season, as you negotiate N3 toll fees this December in SA.

N2 oThongathi toll fees

Don’t underestimate the cost of N3 toll fees this December. Picture: File/Fotor.

As South Africa gears up for the festive season, here’s what N3 toll fees this December will cost you. Travelling from Johannesburg to Durban, the N3 promises pristine beaches and wonderful weather for city dwellers from Gauteng over Christmas.

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Besides the N3 tolls fees this December, another downside is that the N3 gets absolutely clogged during South Africa’s busiest time of year on the roads. For many Joburgers it’s almost an annual ritual to travel to the KZN coast in December and this breeds plenty of toll-road tailbacks and accidents en route.


SA toll fees
Traffic authorities say they’ll be ready for the December rush on SA roads. Picture: SANRAL

However, the fuel price recently enjoyed a big drop, so driving rather than flying to Durbs is more tempting than before, just don’t forget about those N3 toll fees this December. So, here’s what you need to budget for this December holiday.

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For the sake of ease of use, we’re only focusing on Class 1 travel, which refers to light motor vehicles. Classes 2,3 and 4 are for heavy vehicles.


De HoekMainlineHeidelberg – VilliersN3 TollR60,00
WilgeMainlineVilliers – WardenN3 TollR83,00
TugelaMainlineWarden – FrereN3 TollR88,00
Tugela EastRampHarrismith – LadysmithN3 TollR55,00
BergvilleRampLadysmith – EstcourtN3 TollR27,00
TrevertonRampLocal destinationsN3 TollR19,00
MooiMainlineFrere – CedaraN3 TollR62,00
N rampMooi River – FrereN3 TollR19,00
S rampMooi River – CedaraN3 TollR43,00
MariannhillMainlineKey Ridge – Paradise ValleySANRALR14,50

*Fees courtesy of Foresight Publications.

For holidaymakers travelling from Johannesburg to Durban the total cost of N3 toll fees this December in SA comes to R307,50 if you are travelling on the main line.

Picture: N3 Toll Road.

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