Kate Ferreira

Kate Ferreira

Freelance writer and editor with a passion for conservation, entrepreneurism, technology and South Africa

STEM education for African wom

STEM education for African women gets a boost

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) foundation Bunengi announced a partnership with CRDF Global on Friday aimed at increasing opportunities for African women to study and pursue careers in the important STEM sectors

White space internet: exploiti

White space internet: exploiting the gaps in spectrum

White space internet provision is finally a reality with simultaneous trials now occurring in the US, Europe and even in South Africa, and the first commercial ventures in the arena have started too. But what are the benefits and limitations of the tech and where to next?

Access to Internet – a human r

Access to Internet – a human right, a government headache

Increasingly, access to the Internet is being viewed not as a privilege of the rich or first world, but as a crucial means to global development and education, and critics are calling South Africa’s slow official response to opening the spectrum prohibitive. Pressure is mounting for the Department of Communication and new communications minister Yunus Carrim to open up additional spectrum for Internet provision. The message from frustrated Internet service providers is clear: Internet access is a crucial public resource that drives development of the sector and business as a whole.

Wifi for the people: Telkom’s

Wifi for the people: Telkom’s free internet offer

Local telecommunication behemoth Telkom announced plans this week to open their data network services to non-subscribers across all networks — in the form of 60 minutes free and “unlimited” internet access per person per day at Telkom Mobile hotspots.