Andrew Macfarlane

Andrew Macfarlane

I used to write adverts, now I am in PR. Andrew is a in-house writer and account manager for Irvine Bartlett Public Relations. In my spare time I like to do a little gardening.

Four awesome travel ideas for

Four awesome travel ideas for every true Springbok fan this World Cup

Picture it: Two chinas bonding in the pub. “Jislaaik, boet! It’s the World Cup this Year! We should go!”

If you’re a keen ‘Rugger Boet’ there’s nowhere else you want to be this September/October than field side in England. With the UK having played host to the Olympics 3 years ago there are plenty of options for places to stay.

Five South African brands maki

Five South African brands making international waves

You know that warm, squishy feeling you get when you’re walking down George Street in Sydney, Australia and you spot a Nando’s? Or the comfortable relief of being offered a cup of Rooibos tea while you’re vising friends in Amsterdam? Or juicy joy of finding some boerie in central London to braai over some grey, rainy London weekend?

South Africa's unemployment rate drops down to 26.7%

Getting out of the unemployment slump and back into the running

“Last in, first out” is a scary term for young South Africans new to the workplace. South Africa has the world’s third highest unemployment rate for people aged 15 – 24 years, so keeping a job if you get one can be a challenge. If you do get work and it doesn’t work out, it can be difficult to stay motivated when looking for another job.

Top tips on how to keep your e

Top tips on how to keep your employees’ motivation rolling

You don’t need to scroll too far through this site to see that South Africans are going through some distracting times. From drama in parliament, load shedding and the crippled state of our electrical provider and general rampant criminal activity. As a nation we deal with a lot of negative headlines.