Sloth fearlessly crawls past an anaconda. Photo; X(Twitter) via @AMAZlNGNATURE

WATCH: Sloth fearlessly crawls past an anaconda [VIDEO]

The Animal Sighting video features a wildlife video of the day. In today’s video, a sloth nonchalantly walks past a giant anaconda.


Sloth fearlessly crawls past an anaconda. Photo; X(Twitter) via @AMAZlNGNATURE

In this latest animal sighting, a sloth nonchalantly (and slowly) walks past a giant anaconda.

According to X (Twitter), this sighting occurred at an Unknown place.


A sloth doesn’t make a great meal. They don’t have much meat, which is “slimy, chewy, and gamey.” ​ Sloth fur is covered in algae, an ecosystem for insects, fungi, parasites, and other creatures. The smell can quickly turn a predator off.

Sloths are not on an anaconda’s list of favorite foods, but they will eat one if they’re hungry enough. However, these snakes eat such large meals they don’t get hungry until they’ve digested their last meal, which can take days.

Sloths are slow and have poor eyesight, but considering that this one didn’t even change direction after he touched the anaconda, we have to believe it’s just dumb. And lucky.

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