Watch: JMPD cop accosted by ta

Watch: JMPD cop accosted by taxi driver even after firing gun at him [video]

Say what you want, the South African police have a pretty f***ing tough job, as this clip clearly shows. Even after the cop fired his gun, the taxi driver wouldn’t relent.

Watch: JMPD cop accosted by ta

Ok look, not everybody’s the biggest fan of the police, but they have a job to do and if you believe you’re innocent then make your way to the nearest station and complain.

In this case, it appears that the taxi driver was pulled over by the police for a standard inspection, but nothing’s ever really standard when it comes to some of our more colourful taxi drivers.

The cop handled it like a pro, even though the taxi oke’s mates kept psyching him up, aggravating the situation.