Photo: Youtube / Discovery

Watch: Gansbaai great white shark shows impeccable stealth in hunt [video]

The seal’s alertness stood no chance against this great white’s impeccable stealth.


Photo: Youtube / Discovery

Shark lovers out there will appreciate the stealth displayed by this great white that was captured hunting unsuspecting prey on the shores of Gansbaai.

Is Gansbaai the world’s shark capital?

Gansbaai is a very popular tourist destination and fishing town, nestled along the coastal slopes of the Overberg District Municipality. It is regarded as the great white shark capital of the world, and large groups of travellers come along to these shores to watch the predator in its habitat.

In fact, the area is so famous for its shark spottings that a section of the Gansbaai ocean has been named Shark Alley.

Shark Alley gets a feature on Discovery’s Shark Week

One of the Overberg’s very own great white made it onto the Discovery channel’s Shark Week insert, one of the world’s longest-running TV shows.

The show returned on its 31st season with footage showing how a great white shark in Gansbaai used impeccable stealth to stave off the suspicion of its prey — an innocent, unsuspecting fur seal.

A shark will only venture towards the shore when it’s time to eat, and for the seals that were enjoying the sun on the rocks of the Gansbaai beach, it was a case of which one was going to draw the shortest end of the stick.

In all honesty, the poor seal had no chance at all. The drone footage showed the shark swimming towards the shallows to cross paths with the seal that was separated from its group.

As it swam towards the shark’s pathway, the marine predator swooped in swallowed it up in a split second, an incredible skill that was capture on drone footage.

You can watch the entire clip below, which includes reactions from shark expert, Chris Fallows, marine biologist, Alison Towner, and drone pilot Dean Engela.

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