Watch: Baby Rhinos asking for

Watch: Baby Rhinos asking for their morning milk will melt your heart [video]

What I’ve learned during my years on this planet is that animals are brilliant, and most humans aren’t. Thankfully, the people behind Rhinos In Africa are above brilliance, and they are working hard to preserve the lives of rhinos across the continent.

Watch: Baby Rhinos asking for

In a Facebook post shared by Megan from the group, we can see these certified cuties asking for their milk and emitting a high pitch howl that’d be more suited to a small dog, rather than one of nature’s most fearsome creatures.

The video is 20 seconds of pure heart-warming happiness, though there are serious issues surrounding it.

“Their mothers have all been brutally killed for their horn. These are survivors that are cared for twenty-four hours a day by a handpicked dedicated team of staff. Human contact is kept to a bare minimum so that they may one day be integrated back into a wild protected area,” megan said

Megan went on to say that poachers are even targeting baby rhinos in sanctuaries now, in a truly disgusting new ploy.

She welcomes anyone who would like to help with the conservation of rhinos to email her, at