Panga taxi driver

Photo: Greg Dunn / Twitter / Canva

Watch: Panga-wielding taxi driver loses his cool during road rage incident [video]

Road rage is rearing its ugly head once more. This time, a taxi driver thought waving his panga about would be the best way to resolve the situation.

Panga taxi driver

Photo: Greg Dunn / Twitter / Canva

A taxi driver who tried to squeeze his way into a busy lane of gridlocked traffic delivered a shocking response when he got into a confrontation with another road user this week. When a fierce exchange of words boiled over, the man behind the wheel threatened his adversary with a panga.

The incident – believed to have taken place in KwaZulu-Natal – has been shared far and wide across social media. Frustrations got the better of the motorist, who was using the emergency lane to try and merge with traffic. However, his vehicle was nudged by a car behind, sparking a furious clash.

What caused this incident?

After finally squeezing his way back into the flow of traffic, the taxi driver slams on the brakes and goes to confront the man behind him. After previously flashing his panga in the direction of his target, it was nowhere to be seen when the pair squared up on the carriageway.

The man who allegedly clipped the taxi can be heard saying “I’ll push him, I don’t give a damn” as the road-raged driver approaches his car. The two exchange more unpleasantries before returning to their respective vehicles.

The video ends, somewhat comically, with another brief collision between the two. This is the second road rage video that’s surfaced within a week, after a similar incident – although, panga-free – was reported outside of the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg.

Social media reacts

Naturally, Twitter users were quick to debate the video they’d just witnessed. Some felt it was indicative of how many taxi drivers use the roads, whereas others defended the use of a panga to make a threat:

Either way, it’s not a good look for road safety in Mzansi. Flash-points like these don’t always fizzle out: We’re just thankful that this situation didn’t escalate past the point of a bit of pushing and swearing.

Watch the panga-wielding taxi driver here: