Pinetown taxi rank explosion

Photo: @CnnAndreas / Twitter

Pinetown: Huge explosion devastates a taxi rank in Durban [video]

Local residents were shaken by a blast coming from near the Pinetown taxi rank in Durban, as a fire ripped through the region early on Wednesday morning.

Pinetown taxi rank explosion

Photo: @CnnAndreas / Twitter

Multiple residents in Pinetown, Durban reported hearing a series of loud explosions near the large taxi rank in the city suburb overnight. Security teams and fire response teams arrived at the scene in the early hours of Wednesday, to find a roaring fire engulfing several structures.

Pinetown taxi rank fire – latest news:

The fire started just after 2:00 and the cause is still being investigated by the Pinetown Fire and Emergency Services. It is believed to have started at a nearby storage facility unit, with heavy winds carrying the flames to the taxi rank. Firefighters have been hampered by the adverse weather conditions, but have since managed to quell the blaze.

Traffic and homeless community affected

Anderson Road interchange and a stretch of the M13 near Pinetown were both severely affected on Wednesday morning, with the former being closed and causing a backlog of traffic for the latter during rush hour.

A group of homeless people taking refuge near the facility were escorted away from danger by the Blue Security team. They helped evacuate the vagrants and, somewhat miraculously, no deaths or injuries have been reported.

It’s reported that “huge damage” has been caused to the infrastructure at both the storage facility where the inferno started, and at the taxi rank which bore the brunt of the flames. Although investigators are still trying to piece together this puzzle, Blue Security have theorised that the storage of flammable liquids may have caused the Pinetown fire.

Watch the aftermath of the Pinetown fire here: