Noord Street hustling floods

(Twitter screenshot / @SimiloSiwana)

Hustling 101: Genius schemers charge people to cross flooded road [video]

These wheeler dealers found a very clever – and helpful – way to make a quick buck this week, when commuters in Noord Street battled with floods.

Noord Street hustling floods

(Twitter screenshot / @SimiloSiwana)

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take your hat off to those who are hustling good and proper: Heavy rains have battered Gauteng over the past week and created torrents of water in the streets. As we can see in this video, people are cut off from reaching the other side of Noord Street without getting themselves soaked.

Thankfully for them, this is South Africa. We’ve got some of the smartest entrepreneurs ready to spring into action at any time. The Noord Street taxi rank was awash with stranded commuters and flowing rainwater, making the evening commute home nigh-on impossible.

Noord Street entrepreneurs praised for inventiveness

But then, some heroes came along. Using some metal trolleys, they offered to transport desperate citizens over the gushing water. They encouraged people to hop on, before escorting them from one pavement to the other, keeping them dry and allowing them to continue their journey without a getting a drop of water on them.

In return, these hustlers get a quick “R5 handshake” and prepare to find their next customer. It’s an exhibit of flash-entrepreneurship that has won widespread acclaim across social media:

Weather in Johannesburg

These wheeler-dealers will be pleased to know that more rain is on its way by the weekend, with a four-day downpour set to hit Gauteng on Saturday. Over the new few days, the weather is mainly sunny and temperatures will hover around the 30C mark.

After the success of their scheme, we hope these guys get a good few days rest before being on standby to operate again. We’re massive fans of what we’ve seen, and we think you’ll love it too…

Watch: Hustlers charge commuters to cross Noord Street