Markus Jooste Steinhoff

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MP asks Markus Jooste if he’s “a f****** psychopath” in Parliament [video]

Well, that got everyone’s attention. MP David Maynier had a bone to pick with Markus Jooste and didn’t feel like censoring himself.

Markus Jooste Steinhoff

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Former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste was in the firing line of a Parliamentary committee on Wednesday, when he was facing questions about the multi-billion rand meltdown of the business.

He was certainly ready for a grilling, but DA MP David Maynier cranked things up a level when he probed a little further than most before him have.

F-bombs and psychopaths

Look, it has been nine months since we heard a peep out of Jooste. People are desperate for answers. How does a company lose almost R200 billion overnight? What god-awful “accounting irregularity” could possibly see a company lose 95% of its market value?

Maynier, keen to find out, went a little… off script, shall we say? To be fair, he was actually just quoting what someone else said about Jooste – a former colleague had labelled him “a f****** psychopath” back in December 2017, just before Steinhoff’s troubles were made public.

Nonetheless, the DA MP still went ahead and asked him if that assertion was true, with very little regard for re-using such coarse language.

Watch David Maynier grill Markus Jooste here:

How Markus Jooste performed in Parliament

Jooste, flanked by a formidable legal team, had to face some tough questions from members of parliament. While the ex-Steinhoff boss appeared nervous at first – he wriggled his way out of fierce cross-examination with expert guidance from his defence counsel.

In the end, Jooste denied flouting due process at Steinhoff and accepts no responsibility for the complete collapse tied to his untimely resignation.

Shareholders – thousands of them – estimate their total losses to be around the R185 billion mark. Dubious accounting irregularities attributed to Markus Jooste resulted in $11.4 billion being wiped out by the company, with a debt of R161 billion being revealed through further investigations.