ivanah campbell facebook dance


Watch: Local 6-year-old girl’s dance goes viral in Hollywood [video]

Ivanah Campbell from South Africa has gone viral with her dance moves after she caught the attention of celebs over the world.

ivanah campbell facebook dance


A 6-year-old girl from Port Elizabeth, South Africa recently went viral after Will Smith and other Hollywood stars shared videos of her dancing on social media.

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Ivanah Campbell from Hillside in Port Elizabeth went viral after her videos and dance moves caught the attention of the world. Local musicians went on to share a video of Campbell dancing to Paga A Bebida Da Bela by DjBBoy, after which Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith also reposted it. The clip went on to clock in over 10 million views on Smith’s account eventually.

Smith and his wife, Jada said on Instagram that Campbell has ‘life figured out’.

“I’m bout to go find me some traffic right now … and dance!”

Captain America actor Chris Evans also said, “this kid is cooler than I could ever hope to be”.

Campbell quickly gained over 42 000 followers on Facebook and over 165 000 Instagram followers after her videos were shared far and wide.

According to All4Woman, Campbell had the opportunity to share the inspiration for her love of dancing with a local publication, The Herald, where she said:

“I love dancing. Whenever a song plays, I just start to move. I even copy the moves from my favourite videos. I love music. It does something inside my heart.”

Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs also went on to comment on Campbell’s Instagram, saying:

“Beautiful and full of life and joy.”

Other social media users said they were absolutely obsessed with Campbell’s videos:

“Everything about this little girl is an entire MOOD. I’m obsessed.”

“When I grow up I wanna be this kid…”

“I  love her. I’ve watched this for the last 10 minutes trying to learn it.”

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