Ian Ollis

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Departing MP Ian Ollis causes chaos with final Parliamentary speech [video]

Now THIS is how you quit!

Ian Ollis

Twitter / @IanOllis

We’ve all had the dream of leaving a job and telling everyone what you really think of them whilst you’re on the way out. MP Ian Ollis has just brought that fantasy to life.

As shared by eNCA, Ollis has shown us all to leave with a bang.

The outgoing DA politician is stepping aside from a political career to further his studies elsewhere. If he’s quitting the day job like this, stand-up comedy might not be out of the question.

Ollis took to the podium and roasted every other political party in the house. With the casual demeanour of a man with no fucks left to give, he rallied against the opposition’s plans for the national minimum wage.

What did Ian Ollis say in Parliament?

He blasted the ANC for their “Stalinist” approach to minimum wage. He says their “one rule fits all approach” is disastrous, and found a hilarious way of putting it.

“The ANC wants one style of a minimum wage. What Stalin wants, Stalin gets: Speak the same, look the same work the same, wear the same, think the same, earn the same. A nuanced approach is needed because even any socialist could see there’d be massive job losses in an election year this way.”

That was strike one. He then used his claws against the Freedom Front Plus party, who he accuses of “wanting the poor to suffer”. He said they only care about people in poverty if they want to vote for their party.

The IFP were also roasted for “imitating” the DA’s idea of sectoral minimum wage: A policy which would allow different industries to set their own limits.

Ollis saved his best barbs for the EFF, however. He attacked what he felt was their “communist” policies, and called them out for changing their minds over what minimum wage should be. He also took a huge swipe at Floyd Shivambu’s luxurious Wendywood homestead.

“The EFF say minimum wage should be R12 500 for all. No wait, R4 500. No wait, just ‘lots’ for everyone. Oh, and everything for free.”

“Like Santa Clause, the EFF came in their red suits to give us salvation and free stuff, too. We all need a big salary… and a Mercedes… And a new watch… and a condo in Wendywood. Or is that just for Floyd?”

Watch Ian Ollis deliver a roasting to Parliament here: