Watch: Foods that grow in some

Watch: Foods that grow in somewhat surprising ways [video]

Have you ever wondered how food looks before it’s harvested? Where does is it come from? This video will show you the surprising ways certain food grows. Check it out:

Watch: Foods that grow in some

An informative video about where certain food comes from has hit the web and some of them might just surprise you. For instance, did you know Cashew Nuts actually grow on trees? Or that Cinnamon Sticks are actually from a tree’s bark? While the current food system allows us to get crops from all over, we can’t really run into the field to see exactly how Vanilla originates in Madagascar or Coffee Beans in Brazil.

But, have no fear. This video will give you all the answers you’ve been looking for. The video posted by The Sacred Plant clocked in 13 million views and almost 3000, 000 shares on Facebook, which is proof everyone is not familiar with the origins of certain foods.

The video will inform you on the origins of different types of foods, including Chocolate, Coffee, Cinnamon Sticks, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Peanuts, Brussel Sprouts and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to know, enlighten yourself down here (and check out the detailed video on The Sacred Plant’s website).

Watch: This is how food grows:

Enlightened yet? Let’s carry on:

The Artichoke for one, are in the same family as thistles – which is eaten before the flower is bloomed. According to Popular Science, consequently, it just hangs out on a stalk in the middle of a cluster of smaller flowers. Watch one bloom below:

Capers, like artichokes, capers are actually edible flower buds (usually eaten pickled), picked well before they bloom. The buds pictured here are past their picking prime.

caper flowers
Dinesh ValkeLuc Coekaerts

Chickpeas,  grow in pods, but only one chickpea is inside each one—so these legumes have a distinct appearance as they grow.


The Pineapple is actually an herbaceous perennial with soft, palm-like leaves and no woody stem. The fruit grows out of the center of the plant, but only once it’s old enough to flower – a process that reportedly takes two to three years. If that isn’t strange, how about this: pineapples are berries (coalesced or cluster berries, to be specific).

pineapples growing in hawaii
Flickr: Michelle