Counting down the top 20 adver

Counting down the top 20 adverts of the last year: (20) The better gift challenge [video]

First up: our gift to you is an entire series of adverts.

Counting down the top 20 adver

With Christmas just 20 days (!!!!) away, we thought we’d start our own little advent calendar of sorts. This series of posts will look at some of the cutest, craziest, most adorable and sometimes silly adverts that went all sorts of crazy viral this year.

The original list was compiled by Mashable and it used the number of times videos were shared on social media. But we’re not going to rely completely on Mashable’s metric.

We’ve reviewed all of the ads and will be adding a few of our own into the mix. And we want you to get involved too! If there’s a particular advert you think should feature, why not drop us a line and let us know which video you think should feature in the top 20?

Adverts are from all over the world, advertising a wide-range of things.  First up: The better gift challenge. It saw the South African National Blood Service come up with a whole host of short clips encouraging people to give a gift that actually matters: signing up to be a blood donor.

The adverts were originally published on YouTube on 30 December 2015, so while it’s not technically an advert for 2016 we’ll let it slip since it still falls into the 12 month range.

Since we’re in the season of giving, it sounds like a pretty good idea, don’t you think?

Watch all the adverts below and head over to the SANBS website to find out how and where you can donate blood.