Bantu Holomisa

Bantu Holomisa: UDM general’s viral video hilariously remixed by DJ

South Africans love to take things to the next level.

Bantu Holomisa

Bantu Holomisa could go viral twice in one week with this new video. Cape Town electronic music producer Max Hurrell has remixed the General’s eNCA presenting “difficulty”.

The UDM’s Bantu Holomisa stepped up to the plate on As It Happens on Thursday night. Yho, shame man, the teleprompter screen really gave him a proper klap. The internet only made it hilariously worse a few hours later.

For the entirety of this working week, eNCA has handed over half an hour of prime time for political leaders to try their hand at live news presenting.

The video you just saw above, that has been viewed over 93 000 times so far. The guy laughing in the background really took things to the next level.

Max Hurrell is well known amongst local electronic music fans in Cape Town, recently, he has also gained a bit of attention for remixing whatever meme or viral moment is shaping pop culture.

He’s remixed President Cyril Ramaphosa and even that annoying yodelling Wallmart boy. Now, it was time to sing the UDM leader’s praises.

Watch: Bantu Holomisa eNCA presenting remixed

Max is actually correct, in all seriousness. eNCA has even come out in support of the UDM man. It really was technical difficulties that let him down. On top of all of that, he really was a great sport.

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On Friday, you can catch the IFP’s Liezl Van Der Merwe in the hot seat at 20:00. Will she have any tongue twisting analogies up her sleeve? The pressure to not become a viral meme is certainly on after Thursday’s drama.