Prince William Harry statement

Watch: Bad Lip Reading reveals what went down at the royal wedding and it is hilarious [video]

The funniest royal wedding clip you’ll see today…

Prince William Harry statement

You got to love the internet! YouTube satirists called Bad Lip Reading released its most recent clip and it is brilliant.

The funny ‘bad lip reading’ satirical clip revealed what was said during some of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s more intimate moments during their wedding ceremony at St. George’s Chapel on 19 May.

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The video on YouTube already clocked in 1,156,870 views since its release on Tuesday.

In the video, people can see Prince Harry and Prince Wiliam talk about animals. Viewers also find out who is the Prince and Meghan’s favorite Harry Potter character.

The video also features Reverend Michael Curry telling a story about homeless people eating dog food to the surprise of spectators David Beckham and Elton John.

“I don’t like the air in here,” Prince Harry tells Meghan. “Yeah, it is definitely strange,” she says in return.

“I have a surprise for you,” says Harry. “It’s a golden unicycle”.

“I don’t want that,” Meghan replies. “That present is a fail.”

And wait until you see their take on the Gospel Choir’s “Stand by Me” performance.

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Watch Bad Lip Reading presents: “Royal Wedding”

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People were actually anxiously waiting for the bad lip reading video to arrive:

Others say this is the only footage of the royal wedding they want to see:

Some say this is the best lip reading attempt they’ve ever seen.