stranger things nintendo recap

The Nintendo-inspired Netflix recap for Stranger Things is everything [video]

The world is turning upside down again soon, but first, let’s recap it 80s style…

stranger things nintendo recap

Stranger Things fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the series later this year. We don’t know too much yet. We do know that the  release date is 27 October 2017 and we know all the episode names.

Quite a few trailers have dropped, but this might be the best one yet.

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There’ll be a strong dose of 80s nostalgia in the new season, so this little recap, styled like an old-school Nintendo game is the best.

It’s called “Level Up,” and it chronicles some of the important moments of Stranger Things Season 1. Rolling Stone describes it as such:

Eleven emerging from the woods, her many instances of Eggo-snatching and that incredible van flipping over the kids’ heads.

Points are awarded for “evasion” and a “sass bonus,” with hundreds of points awarded to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) for making school bully Troy (Peyton Wich) pee on himself.

Watch the Nintendo style Stranger Things recap here