Image: Via Twitter @nd24_news

Just in: UK confirms South Africa IS coming off the travel red list

That’s better: The UK has finally come to its senses – after a blitz of scientific evidence – and South Africa is being removed from the travel red list.


Image: Via Twitter @nd24_news

It’s about time, too: Backed up by pseudo-science and a general lack of knowledge about variants in South Africa, the UK’s decision to keep Mzansi on its travel red list was puzzling, to say the least. However, sanity has now prevailed…

South Africa OFF the travel red list

The UK’s travel red list proved to be incredibly problematic for travellers from countries that had been flagged by the British Government. A South African, for example, would have been required to spend tens of thousands of rand on a two-week stay at a quarantine hotel, if they wanted to visit the island nation.

The rigorous demands bordered on the farcical, killing the travel links between South Africa and the UK. But an announcement from Grant Shapps – the Conservative Government’s Transport Minister – has confirmed that SA will be removed from the travel red list, starting from 4:00 on Monday 11 October.

The UK also set to ‘recognise SA vaccines’

Crucially, the UK has also vowed to recognise vaccine certification from South Africa. This also proved to be a controversial reason to keep SA travellers out of Britain, given that both countries are mainly reliant on Pfizer’s jab supply. But after a myriad of misunderstandings, the correct course of action has been taken… eventually.

“From Monday (11th Oct) I’ll be cutting 47 destinations from our red list – including South Africa, with just seven countries and territories remaining. All others will be included in the “rest of world” category.”

“The government also extends inbound vaccinated arrivals system to a further 37 countries and territories across the globe including India, South Africa, and Turkey – meaning eligible vaccinated passengers arriving from ‘rest of world’ countries only need to take a day two test in England.”