The President Hotel


The President Hotel: Why this Cape Town resort gets our vote [review]

The President Hotel is the jewel in Cape Town’s gem-encrusted crown. It’s not just somewhere to stay, it’s a home from home.

The President Hotel


What do we all want from a president? We’d say integrity, class and dedicated service to the people. The cynics may argue we don’t really get that from our elected officials any more, but The President Hotel can most certainly boast all of these highly-esteemed qualities.

We were invited to spend a night at the Bantry Bay-based establishment, to experience what guests can expect when they book their stay. Let’s just say, they’ve certainly got our vote.

The President Hotel: What you can expect from your stay

The President Hotel
Views for days. (Supplied)

First impressions are everything, and you’ll be pleased to know we were feeling like royalty right from minute one. We arrived a little before our check-in time – because not even a luxury stay can account for sketchy timekeeping – but this would only work to our advantage.

Leaving our bags behind the front desk, we were ushered down a plush staircase, and the glass doors to heaven opened before us – well, we say heaven – we of course mean the entrance to the sprawling infinity pool baking in the summer sunshine. Same thing, right?

When the unforgiving South African sun beats down on you, there are only two remedies that actually work – an ice-cold alcoholic beverage and a sunbed. Luckily, The President Hotel have both in abundance.

With a premium selection of five top-class beers – and a cocktail menu as long as your arm – it’s not long until you feel like you’ve landed at Club Tropicana. Did we mention you’ve got a sea view from poolside, too? We were already blown away and hadn’t even seen our room yet.

After an express-lounging on the sunbeds, we were escorted to our sixth-floor apartment by the courteous hotel staff; and the hospitality didn’t end at the door. A bottle of wine and a cheeseboard was the greeting of our dreams. They found the way to our hearts via our stomachs, that’s for sure.

Pictures often paint a thousand words, and these images really speak for themselves: Here’s what a room on the top floor looks like:

The first thing you see when entering your room. (Supplied)
Take it easy for a little while. (Supplied)
One evening wasn’t enough. (Supplied)
We see the sea! (Supplied)

Eating at the President Hotel

After taking in the stunning views from up in the clouds – and having half-an-hour on the comfiest bed in the Western Cape – we soon made our way downstairs to the restaurant: A low-key, eloquent dining set-up which made for a perfect atmosphere to unwind in: The mood was improved when a juicy, medium-rare steak landed at our table – needless to say, it wasn’t there for very long…

If this place is beautiful in the day, then it is utterly magical during the evening. The latest addition to The President Hotel is The Point Lounge – a classy, enticing spot where you can kick back with a view and appreciate a feeling of complete contentment.

The blue, luminous hue from the pool proves too difficult to ignore. On a balmy evening – where the sun goes down but the warmth never leaves – there’s something so deeply satisfying about dipping your toes in and letting your cares fade away into non-existence. 

Things to do during your stay…

The Point Lounge. (Supplied)

But if you want to leave the walls of your fabulous, temporary residence, you couldn’t be in a better place. The Sea Point Promenade is a matter of metres away and you can walk the whole scenic stretch from the hotel grounds within 45 minutes.

If you want to be amongst the waves rather than just watching them from the boardwalk, you’re only a stone’s throw away from both the Clifton and Camps Bay beaches: In our book, five is the magic number with this establishment.

Hitting the seaside? Five-minute drive. Heading into Cape Town centre? five-minute drive. Nipping to the V&A Waterfront? You know the rest. TPH is in a prime location, sitting underneath the imposing shadow of Lions Head and just a few kilometres out from Table Mountain.

We retired to our room later in the evening. The only time we were overcome with any sort of sadness was when we realised we only got to stay in this palace on a one-night basis. Unfortunately, we don’t think one lifetime would have been enough. The idyllic comforts and modern designs ensured we saw the evening out in style, however.

Room service got a call before midnight. You know, we’re professionals – we have to test every aspect of the service, after all. A few minutes later, a tray of sandwiches and a couple of night-caps topped off a phenomenal day.

The President Hotel are the kings of hotel food, by the way. You’ve perhaps guessed by now that we’re a team who are motivated by the delicacies we can fit in our mouths. The breakfast set-up was no different, as sumptuous fry-ups sizzled alongside fresh fruits and yoghurt.

Alas, our time came to an end. We finished the only way we knew how: Having one last dip in Cape Town’s premier pool. Depending on how long you’re staying in the Mother City, it’s highly conceivable that you won’t really need to stray too far from your accomodation.

Reasons to book your stay at The President Hotel

Fancy a dip? (Supplied)

Not only is everything on your doorstep, but life just seems better when you’ve got a signature cocktail in one hand and a slice of wood-fired pizza in the other.

We couldn’t recommend a stay at The President Hotel highly enough. We’ve done our lyrical waxing, but we have to re-iterate – from management to service staff – that every single employee is in the right job.

We spoke to a few other guests about their stay, and the sentiment remained the same: We were all being treated to top-notch service in a world-class venue.

If you’re looking for a Cape Town getaway in the future, you can stop aimlessly searching the internet now. Here, we’ve got a hotel that deserves your utmost attention and most serious consideration. Indeed, this is one president you can trust with your vote of confidence.

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