The Best On-Board Features fro

The Best On-Board Features from Cruise Liners across the World

If you’ve decided to go on your first cruise, it can be challenging to find the perfect liner for you. A great starting place is to look at their on-board attractions and features, as you’ll want to remain entertained on your holiday (there’s a lot of sea time)

The Best On-Board Features fro

Here are some great features and attractions that you might want to keep in mind, before you book your cruise:

Bionic Bar

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas has been deemed ‘the first smart ship’ on the seas, with a range of high tech additions, including affordable Wi-Fi, a sky diving simulator, and yes, the Bionic Bar. As the name suggests, this bar is run by robotic arms that can prepare hundreds of custom drinks to a millimetre of precision. With a swipe of your electronic wristband, you can cut out the bar mob and wait for the digital board to tell you when your drink is ready.


Costa’s Samsara Spa

For a spiritual spa experience, Costa’s Samsara Spa comes with a variety of therapeutic Indian massages, skin detoxes, facials, and salons. Unwind in an exotic relaxation room with a cup of Japanese tea and feel at peace. Just what you need after a hard day spent exploring the local land.

Disney’s Pirate Night

On select Disney cruises, Pirate Night is a highlight for all families. There will be a buccaneer feast, pirate costumes, entertainment, your favourite Disney characters, and a swashbuckling fireworks show. This is a great event for kids, if you plan to go with your nearest and dearest.


Norwegian Cruise’s Five Level Rock Climbing Wall

Norwegian Pearl is fantastic for active cruisers. Not only is there a giant water slide and bowling alley, but there is a five level rock climbing wall for anyone who enjoys a challenge… just don’t look down!


Royal Caribbean’s Ice Skating

If you’re a fan of winter sports, Royal Caribbean has its own on-board ice rink. Enjoy a day with your skates on or wait until the evening for some stunning ice skating performances. Just remember to wrap up warm!


Princess’ Scholarship at Sea

A great way to spend time at sea is to pick up some new skills and have fun at the same time. If you like to learn, you could leave a Princess cruise with specialist knowledge, whether you want to pick up some cooking skills, explore your artistic side, try wine tasting, go to a lecture, or shake your booty with Zumba fitness.


The North Star

Another feature that you’ll find on the same ship as The Bionic Bar, The North Star is a glass pod that raises you up 300 feet in the air, so you can get magnificent views from around the ship. This is the most popular attraction on the whole ship!


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