road trip

Get ready for the best road trip this festive season. Image: canva

Five fantastic tips to have the best road trip this festive season

Road-tripping through beautiful South Africa this festive season? Here are five tips that’ll help you have the best one yet!

road trip

Get ready for the best road trip this festive season. Image: canva

If road-tripping through stunning South Africa isn’t on your travel intinerary this festive season, best you add it now! Whether your’re going coast to coast, or planning an inland adventure, here are some great tips that’ll help ensure your road trip is one for the books…

1. Plan your road trip route

Research and plan your route in advance. Use navigation apps or GPS devices to find the most efficient and scenic routes. Identify interesting stops along the way, such as landmarks, attractions, or local eateries. This can add excitement to your journey and break up long stretches of driving.

road trip
Plan your route. Image: canva

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2. Car maintenance

Ensure your vehicle is in good condition before hitting the road. Check the oil, brakes, tires, and fluid levels. Pack a spare tyre, jack, jumper cables, and any necessary tools for minor repairs. It’s also a good idea to have your car inspected by a mechanic if you’re embarking on a long trip and feel your car might need it.

Make sure your car is road trip ready. Image canva

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3. Pack smart for your road trip

Pack light and only bring the essentials. Consider the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. Don’t forget important documents such as your driver’s license, registration, insurance, and any necessary permits. Bring a first aid kit, basic toiletries, and snacks for the journey. Staying hydrated is also crucial, so carry an ample supply of water.

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4. Entertainment and connectivity for the road trip

road trip
Don’t forget your car charger. Image: canva

Create a road trip playlist or download audiobooks and podcasts to keep you entertained during long stretches of driving. Bring car chargers for your electronic devices and consider a portable power bank. This ensures that you can stay connected and navigate even in areas with limited charging options.

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5. Flexible schedule

road trip
Take breaks and have some fun. Image canva

While it’s good to have a rough itinerary, allow for flexibility in your schedule. Unexpected discoveries and delays can be part of the adventure. Be mindful of your physical and mental well-being. Take breaks, switch drivers if possible, and get enough rest to stay alert on the road.