Lift dogs

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The fur flies on SA airline: Lift gives man’s best friend wings

Say goodbye to pet sitters or taking your pooch to the kennels for the weekend when you travel to local destinations served by Lift Airline.

Lift dogs

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According to IOL, the new local airline startup Lift — a joint venture between former CEO Gidon Novick, former Uber CEO Jonathan Ayache and local aircraft leasing company Global Airways — now permits passengers to bring their beloved pooch onboard flights in pet-friendly carrier bags

Pets accompanying their owners on holiday trips is not a new phenomenon. Several hotel chains across Europe already embrace guests who wish to bring their pets along with “pet-friendly” rooms.


Lift, which launched in December 2020, says that their initiative to accommodate dogs on flights came in response to increasing requests from passengers who wish to take their furry friends with them on domestic flights.

“We know that dogs are important members of our customers’ families, and we are proud to offer this new service that will enable them to travel safely with them in the cabin. Moreover, they want these four-legged family members to be included when they travel, and this has up until now not been possible when travelling by plane,” Ayache said.


Before imagining vacationing with your four-legged friend chasing on the beach, be sure to note that the transporting of dogs in the cabin is subject to certain conditions.  

  • Lift states that it will permit only small dogs to be carried on its flights.
  • Dogs must be at least 10 weeks old and they need to fit into special dog carrier bags which will be placed under the seat in front of the owner.
  • The dog must fit into a carrier with the dimensions 28cm x 20cm x 45cm.
  • Reservations for pets need to be made at least 72 hours before flight departure.
  • Passengers travelling with dogs are required to present the necessary documentation, including veterinary health checks and recent vaccination certificates for their furry friend.


The cost of a pet-friendly reservation (with a blocked-off seat) will be equal to the fare paid by the accompanying adult passenger.

A limited number of dogs are allowed on each flight. Passengers travelling with dogs must purchase an additional seat in a specific area of the cabin. The window seat will be reserved for the animal, while the adjoining middle seat will be reserved for the pet owner.