Unique hidden treasures are all over South Africa.

Verreaux’s eagle. Image by Flickr/Derek Keats

Hidden treasures to explore in South Africa

South Africa offers a variety of hidden treasures that are lesser known. They are scattered over all provinces.

Unique hidden treasures are all over South Africa.

Verreaux’s eagle. Image by Flickr/Derek Keats

South Africa offers a variety of famous landmarks and tourist hotspots. However, there are many hidden treasures that are lesser known.

Discover the hidden treasures across the country. Travellers can uncover these gems in every province.

A hidden treasure in Limpopo

Mapungubwe National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers an experience of the natural world and ancient civilisations. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Visitors may spot majestic elephants amidst the remnants of South Africa’s first kingdom, according to Getaway.

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Western Cape’s unique spot

Another UNESCO world heritage site is Robberg nature reserve near Plettenberg Bay. It has been given global recognition due to its unique biodiversity. It is also a location for palaeoanthropology – the study of human evolution through fossils and archaeological aspects.

The prehistoric rocks that form part of its landscape date back 120 million years. There is a variety of hiking trails suitable for different fitness levels.

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Rock formations in the Eastern Cape

The Valley of Desolation outside Graaf Reinet is another location where visitors can see a unique geological display. Its dolerite columns are 120m high. This is the product of volcanic and erosive forces of nature over 100 million years, according to Graaf Reinet Tourism.

Wildlife in this area include the rare Cape Mountain Zebra, Kudu, and the Kori Bustard. The unique rock formations provide fantastic opportunities for photographers.  

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A hidden treasure in Gauteng

Hidden in the West Rand of Gauteng is the Walter Sisulu national botanical gardens. There is a waterfall with water gushing from a height of 70m. The reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife with about 240 bird species recorded on site. A breeding pair of Verreaux’s eagles nest on the cliffs near the waterfall.        

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