Forget about ‘beach stays’ at

The Blyde, clear-water lagoon / Photo via: Crystal Lagoons

Forget about ‘beach stays’ at Pretoria’s coolest swimming spot

Pretoria’s popular idyllic beach-like swimming spot is soon to be closed to short-term visitors and daytrippers.

Forget about ‘beach stays’ at

The Blyde, clear-water lagoon / Photo via: Crystal Lagoons

The Blyde Riverwalk Estate in Pretoria has become known as  Pretoria’s “beach”. The estate’s sprawling lagoon-like swimming pool that resembles a beach, might easily confuse one for thinking they are on a tropical island like Mauritius  

The Pretoria estate has become something of an attraction for locals wanting to spend time at the beach, without having to travel to the coast.

With soaring summer temperatures and possible provincial border closures and beach bans, due to a possible fourth wave of Covid-19 in December, Blyde Riverwalk Estate in Pretoria would surely be a popular choice for those eager to spend time at the beach.


According to Timeslive, Balwin Properties (the developers of Blyde Riverwalk Estate) confirmed on Thursday that short-term letting is likely to be phased out.

This comes as a result of ongoing disagreements between some homeowners living permanently at Blyde Riverwalk Estate and other owners that let their properties out to short-stay visitors to the estate.

The estate has about 900 owner-occupied or long-term rented apartments and 200 short-term rental apartments. Another 2 000 units are still under construction.


The estate’s popularity with short-stay residents and day visitors has led to complications. There has since been a clampdown on landlords renting out their properties for short stays after complaints about crowds and noise.   

“We had people stealing extra access cards, bringing cooler boxes with booze in and partying in the parking lot,” Balwin said.


Last month the estate responded by imposing revised regulations in order to restrict the number of day visitors by way of increasing fees to use the lagoon from R100 to R250 a person.  

The new regulations also limited all homeowners to specific guest numbers – determined by property size.  Balwin said the revised regulations were to prevent overcrowding.

Timeslive says that the estate’s homeowners’ association (which is comprised predominantly of Balwin Property members) still owns the majority of the estate. The association also decided to double levies and add a R2 500 deposit for short-term letting guests.