Watch world’s most on-time low-cost carrier video

FlySafair named world’s most on-time low-cost carrier. Image via

Bargain fares on offer: FlySafair launches flight subscription club

FlySafair has launched a subscription programme called the FlyMore Club, which offers members discounted flights each month.

Watch world’s most on-time low-cost carrier video

FlySafair named world’s most on-time low-cost carrier. Image via

The award-winning privately-owned budget carrier FlySafair, which has also been named the best low-cost airline in Africa, now offers flights through its new subscription programme – which is designed to suit passengers who frequently need to fly between different locations within South Africa.

“We see FlyMore appealing to a number of customers including regular commuters, business travellers, people with holiday homes, folks in long-distance relationships and even children with separated parents,” said Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair quoted in IOL.


It is now possible to travel the length or breadth of South Africa at one fixed price, regardless of the route flown, with FlySafair’s flight subscription club.

Members that subscribe to FlySafair’s FlyMore Club will receive an allocation of flights to use each month – according to the type of membership that has been chosen. They will benefit from a fixed price per flight, no matter what the time of day, the date, or the destination chosen.

“This means that we are effectively able to offer members something like a ‘flight-hailing’ service at a cost saving of up to 84% per flight,” Gordon said.


Members are obliged to sign up to the club for a minimum of 12 months. Three different packages offer varying monthly flight allocations:

  • R 800 per month for either two one-way flights, or one return trip a month.
  • R2 400 per month for either six one-way flights, or three return trips a month.
  • R4 000 per month for either ten one-way lights, or five return trips a month.

FlyMore Club members are required to use their monthly flight allocation for travel within the allocated month.  Flights can be booked on any of FlySafair’s 26 domestic routes. Members will be able to redeem their monthly flight allocation on the FlySafair website and pay only the applicable airport taxes when booking.


FlyMore Club members will enjoy flexibility. There is no need to book flights long periods in advance, or to contend with change fees or paying in fare supplements -which is often the case when changing flight bookings.   It is even possible to make flight bookings just prior to departure.    

“Given that the flight allocation is already awarded, users can literally book their seats on the way to the airport, which means avoiding all the complexities of change fees and fare difference charges,” Gordon said.

To find out more, visit FlySafair’s FlyMore Club website.