7 Gems and a must have in Fran

7 Gems and a must have in Franschhoek

Wondering where to go and what to do in Franschhoek? These seven gems and a must have are just the thing if you’re as yet undecided on what to get up to in the winelands.

7 Gems and a must have in Fran

While we all have our favourites nestled in the valleys surrounding Franschhoek, I stand testament to these seven gems that are a must for eager frequenters, South African passionates and taste driven travel seekers.

  1. The Kitchen at MaisonThe kitchenKitchen garden Kitchen deliA small and nouveau chic decorated house offering an in house deli, crisp panoramic views and the most elegant wine tasting and food pairing.  There is no contest for the personable waitron service of five bespoke wines and their accentuation of the sweet truffles, duck roulade and crumbling cheese.

Maison tatsing Duck pate2. The Tokara Restaurant Tokara Here, fine dining meets its excitable companion in dishes offering experimental combinations and delicate success.

Tokara seafood starterThe Franco-Japanese interpretation of crayfish, calamari, mussels and line fish.

Tokara veg. starter Tokara springbokAsparagus and artichoke starter followed by braised springbok with butternut puree, potato croquette and banana salted ice cream.

Tokara desertAnd finally, the broken down berry pavlova.

3. Thelema

Thelema proves that which adopts all essence of pride and passion. Despite the owners closing their doors for their New Year’s Eve celebration, we were not turned away. A one on one hearty session followed with Giles and Thomas Webb imprinting a signature experience.

Thelema Thomas Webb

4. Ryan’s Kitchen

On the main street of Franschhoek town, Ryan’s Kitchen offers a take on a chef’s table experience. With a calmness resonating from the gas hobbs and tweezer-use plating style, the experimental takes on typical South African cuisine arrive deconstructed, enhanced and delicately sensational.

Ryans kitchen Ryans Kitchen buttered chickenButtered chicken and pistachio terrine in tomato curry.

Parmesan croquettes Parmesan croquettes 2Parmesan croquettes and avocado aioli.

5. Solms-Delta

This unpretentious farm only 15km outside of Franschhoek boasts classical wine with a difference, heritage flair and local enthusiasm. The Fyndraai Restaurant entices you into a cheeky awakening. And the most absurd delight – The Sparkling Shiraz. Yes. Someone in the depths of the night at some point decided to inject carbon dioxide into a barrel.

Solms Delta

6. Babylonstoren

A beautiful organic combination of wine, fruit and vegetables. With a glass atrium for wine tasting, a conservatory for light meals, gardens of staple growth and all that encases purity, this is an estate worth frequent explorations.


7. The Wine Tram

A hop on – hop off excursion. With an hour at each stop, tastings are inevitably abundant, transport is ready and waiting and the experimentation of grape infused liquids is complete. Top Tip: Book in advance for a two hour break for lunch at one of the farms.

Tram La Lude 1Le Lude’s sparkling wine pairing was the prefect start to the the Blue Line Tram.

Linefish Holden Manz ShortribAnd the delicate dishes at Holden Manz were a perfect half way stop.

All in all – Seven gems. Seven days in Franschhoek. What else could one ask for?

Wait – The must have. The quintessential requirement of any bed and breakfast – a plunge pool. It soaks up the days exploring, the summer sweat and renders a collected mind for the next venture.

BnbLittle Willow Brooke is a perfect reprieve from the hustle and bustle of any city.