RSA Conference 2019, Better Cyber Security

Photo: Flickr/@rsaconference

RSA Conference 2019 APJ – Working hard to find better cybersecurity solutions

Information is power. Wherever there’s power, there are people looking to steal it. The RSA Conference takes a stand against cyberthreats around the world.

RSA Conference 2019, Better Cyber Security

Photo: Flickr/@rsaconference

The seventh RSA Conference 2019 Asia Pacific and Japan is taking place in Singapore this year, from 16 July to 18 July.

RSA Conference Theme

The theme for this year is “Better.” According to the organisers, the 2019 theme promotes hard work and find solutions. It also means “making better connections with peers from around the world.”

One of the ways to do that is to keep the digital world so everyone can get on with “making the real world a better place.”

When it comes to cybersecurity, what defines “better”? While it could be defined by new tools, sharper algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is determined by so much more. The organisers explain:

“Ensuring a brighter future requires all of us – everyone from the C suite to those of us on the front lines – to be better today. To stay on top of the latest threats. To put in the extra hours. To make security a top priority.”

Most importantly, however, it is to “never forget the fundamental reason why we’re here: to help ensure a more secure world so others can get on with the business of making it a better one. “

To that end, the RSA Conference is a place to brainstorm better ideas to facilitate a better, safer world. That is possible when we “have the drive, the strength and the vision to work together to create it.”

RSA Conference Agenda

On Tuesday, a seminar titled Innovate to Future Proof: 2025 while taking a look a what the world could possibly be like in six years from now. From regulatory and policy changes to technology and staffing considerations and budgeting.

Speakers include Srinivas Bhattiprolu from Nokia Software, Brian Fletcher from Symantec, Davide Lewis from Cisco Systems and My-Ngoc Nguyen from Secured IT Solutions.

Other seminars include:

  • Facing Financial Fraud Head On: Cybersecurity Best Practices
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Going Beyond Defence in Depth – Become Proactive!
  • Holistically Mitigating Human Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  • Advanced Distributed Forensic Collection and Analysis
  • Aftermath Reporting – The What, Why, How, Who and When
  • Better Cybersecurity with AI and ML? Focus on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Tales of a Teenage Security Supergirl
  • Artificial Intelligence in Сybersecurity: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We might not have all the answers of how to make the world a better place, but as a global community, we are collectively working together, piece by piece, to build something better.

Hopefully, the collective effort will tap into a significant aspect of the evolving information security landscape.