PS4. Photo: Pexels.

PS4 games to feature cross-play, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Sony tested cross-play on Xbox, PC and even Nintendo Switch.


PS4. Photo: Pexels.

Fans of Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) games will be pleased to hear that the gaming brand has added a new feature. Cross-play will be a thing in the near future for the brand’s users.

Developers are said to have gotten the go-ahead to include cross-play. They had an internal beta to test out playing across different console platforms and it seems it was a success.

Cross-play tested on multiple platforms
A sneak peek into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Photo: Twitter/@CallofDuty

PS’ developers tested the feature on personal computers (PC), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Sony has been sitting on the sidelines watching as cross-play grew in numbers.

For instance, Xbox is compatible with PC and even the Nintendo Switch. The exceptions the tech company initially offered for cross-play were Rocket League and Fortnite.

Dauntless is the first game to have full cross-platform support at launch. PUBG will join in October 2019 with console cross-play on Xbox One and PS4.

PS4 might be updating a bit too late

However, with the PS4 console coming to an end, some users could be disappointed that Sony decided to add the feature this late. The company hopes to keep customers interested by bringing out cross-platform game releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Doom Eternal.

Several games actually support cross-play for some platforms, but not all of them. One of the most popular multiplayer games around, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will get the feature in October 2019, as well, for PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s the latest high profile game to follow the growing gaming trend. The game is also one of the few that has PS4/Xbox One cross-platform support.

Generally, it would seem PS4 cross-play is already available on released games too, although this hasn’t been confirmed. The trend is likely to spark for other developers who are set to release new games.

Cross-play could feature on PS5

Basically, what cross-play will do is allow PS4 console owners to play the same game against other people on competing consoles. PS5’s 2020 release couldn’t come at a better time.

Sony will probably allow the console to have the added ability its predecessor is only waking up to now. Microsoft also has major plans set out for Xbox Scarlett.

Judging by this, it means the next generation of consoles will be more open to collaborative play. Hopefully, the major gaming console brands will see cross-play as a win for all instead of a war against each other.

When all the brands join together, they’re all bound to win.