Postal: Peeing on police offic

Postal: Peeing on police officers? [Watch]

Postal is a video game that lets the player do almost anything, including peeing on police officers as an action within the 2003 game.

Postal: Peeing on police offic

Postal is a video game that lets the player do almost anything, including peeing on police officers as a performable action within the 2003 game.

While most games let the player navigate and interact with the world around them, such as by picking up items or shooting in-game firearms, this game takes it a step further to include urination as something you can do within the game.

Here’s more about this strange feature found in Postal 2, and why it’s been called one of the most violent and inappropriate video games ever produced.

Postal: Peeing on police [Watch]

Postal 2 lets the player perform various actions in the game, including walking around the game universe and shooting firearms. But one of the stranger features in the game is the ability to urinate on others, including police officers who are usually trying to arrest or detain the player for doing something illegal.

The strange feature makes other characters in the game react in disgust: some start vomiting, while other characters will start to shoot at the player when this function has been used.

Watch footage of players making their way through the game, including the bizarre feature where players get to urinate on others.

About Postal

The first game called Postal was released in 1997, and was initially praised for its top-down graphics and interactive universe.

In 2003, the second game in the series was released – and aimed to be more controversial than most video games would ever risk to try.

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Some of the other game features includes the ability to use live animals as silencers, and the strange ability to urinate everywhere.

Rarely, this is also one of the video games that remains banned for its violence in some parts of the world.

More controversial video games

The Postal-series isn’t the only controversial video game out there. Doom was one of the first video games to be called ‘too violent’, released in the nineties by ID Software.

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series (GTA), which has become notorious for its high levels of violence and gore.

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Other games like Rockstar Games’ Manhunt have also received similar criticism, with players in control of a character tasked with assassinating others in creative and violent ways.

Should players be able to do anything in video games, or is there a limit?