Apple CarPlay

Check out this Apple CarPlay system from OneNav in a 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser. Image: OneNav

HOW to get Apple CarPlay for your old-model car in South Africa

When Apple CarPlay infotainment was introduced in 2015, it was a game-changer, now you can upgrade your older model. Here’s how…

Apple CarPlay

Check out this Apple CarPlay system from OneNav in a 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser. Image: OneNav

Apple CarPlay is all but ubiquitous now in modern cars ever since its introduction in South Africa nearly a decade ago (2015). It’s one of the tech firm’s greatest success stories, that everything from a Renault Kwid to a Ferrari 812 Superfast runs the same infotainment, Apple CarPlay.

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Apple CarPlay smartphone-mirroring technology has changed the automotive world for the better. For decades, car companies invested millions into disparate tech solutions that needed constant upgrading to remain relevant. Now, there’s one benchmark system, and that frees up car companies to invest money development money elsewhere.


PEUGEOT i-Connect® system
A cutting-edge example, with the PEUGEOT i-Connect® system and full connectivity through wireless mirroring (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto). Image by Peugeot

However, as great as that is, the truth is nearly half of the cars on South African roads are at least 10-years old. They were built long before Apple CarPlay rose to prominence. So, how can you upgrade your older-model car to Apple CarPlay?

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Firstly, you can slap a smartphone holder onto your dashboard/air vent. It’s hands-free, at least, but that’s not quite right. We want the cheapest and best aftermarket device that will give you Apple CarPlay (and all other applications), including a touchscreen and up-to-date software.


Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay set-up for Nissan NP200. Image: OneNav

Moreover, you can mount an aftermarket screen to your dashboard/windscreen and power it through the USB/12V socket with data transmitted through the auxiliary cable or Bluetooth (depending on what your vehicle has). However, your best solution is a properly integrated infotainment system that fits correctly and is installed professionally in the dash of your vehicle.

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For this, we recommend OneNav, which has a wide selection of aftermarket screens that offer Apple CarPlay and the like. All major brands – from Audi and BMW, to Ford and Volkswagen – are supported. Prices range between R8 999 to R12 999, for both wired and wireless options. Sizes vary, too, but the Classic range is generally 9 to 10 inches, model-dependant.

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