After The Fall

Screenshot via Youtube: Playstation After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

PlayStation to launch a new virtual reality game, ‘After The Fall’

The guys that brought you Arizona Sunshine are bringing After The Fall in 2020.

After The Fall

Screenshot via Youtube: Playstation After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

During Sony’s State of Play, After The Fall was announced as one of the major games that will be launched next year. The game is described as an opportunity to star in a “80s post-apocalyptic cult classic.”

According to Nick Witsel from Vertigo Games, the creators of Arizona Sunshine, After The Fall is their “biggest VR game yet.” The game is a multiplayer virtual reality (VR) action shooter which is set in a frozen, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

You can battle against three friends and huge waves of monstrous and undead creatures known as the Snowbreed. The creatures, who would come in numbers, are described as “some of VR’s most colossal brutes and repulsive deformities.”

After The Fall: The origins story

After The Fall. Photo: Twitter/@PlayStation

Witsel delved into the back-story of the game saying:

“In an alternate 1980s, the age of decadence and delight, humanity started experimenting with a new type of designer drug to elevate the human potential beyond known limits. Meanwhile, the planet suffered: climate change ran hot and cold to extremes, resulting in a new ice age.”

Nick Witsel, Vertigo Games

The designer revealed that people found a way to “cope with the cold” by taking more “designer drugs.” The consumption led them to mutate into the Snowbreed.

“Now, 20 years later, Los Angeles lies in ruins and survivors are clinging to life in a frozen city roaming with mutated terrors.”

Nick Witsel, Vertigo Games

A vast weapons choice for gamers

A preview of After The Fall and other virtual reality games. Source: Twitter/@PlayStation

Some of the weapons available for use in the game are an electrified knuckleduster, a custom handgun, or a hunting rifle with explosive ammunition. Gamers will also have the option of using crafted devices against the mutants.

Missiles from a wrist-mounted 1980s walkman-turned-rocket launcher are on hand for a massive attack. However, crafting and customizing such weapons will need certain actions from your part.

You’ll have to get resources and blueprints throughout the world to create the best weapons. When discovered, you can then take them back to your basecamp.

Playing with other gamers via VR

After The Fall by Vertigo Games. Source: Twitter/@Vertigo_Games

The camp is a shared hub where you’ll run into other players from all over the world. You can hang out and interact with them in VR.

They could end up as part of up to four players whom you’ll go to new missions with and more. If you prefer a one-person setting then you could play the game by yourself.

However, Witsel insists that playing with friends “is more fun, especially in VR!” After The Fall was described as being “all about adrenaline-pumping action.”

The release year for the VR game is sometime in 2020.