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Gaming updates: Epic releases Fortnite update 2.74

The new Fortnite update is expected to fix quite a few issues, while some interesting gaming add-ons are in store for players.


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This Fortnite update is good news for those who were still experiencing issues while playing the game online after the previous update.

What is new in Fortnite update 2.74?

The update will mainly focus on improving stability and fixing crashes such as the one that can sometimes occur after using the Emote Wheel.

“We’re aware of a crash that can sometimes occur after using the Emote Wheel,” Epic tweeted.

This is great news for players as this has been a big issue. They wrote a a follow-up tweet reading: “We’ve released a maintenance patch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac to address this issue.”

There’s bad news for Nintendo Switch players who must wait a little longer for the update to drop.

“This issue will be fixed on Nintendo Switch in a future update,” Epic added in a tweet. It is not expected to be too long to wait for the Nintendo Switch update to be released.

Other Patch Notes include:

  • Performance and stability improvements added
  • Added matchmaking improvements
  • Added various network connection fixes
  • Added fixed-for-game crashing issues
  • Addressed frame rate drop and lag issues
  • Other minor under the hood fixes

Bigger updates are expected to come soon, as Epic addresses early season issues and continues to revamp the map.

This comes just a few days after the start of Fortnite season three. A new Battle Pass with a huge batch of fresh rewards will include a surprise Aquaman skin, complete with weekly challenges to unlock new variants. The biggest feature is arguably the updated map. This follows a flood from a recent in-game event.

Along with these new editions, the map is now broken up into smaller islands.

To navigate the flooded map, players can now use fishing rods to ride sharks throughout the map. Newly-added marauder enemies will make it more difficult for both pro and amateur players.

The rewards for winning games will be a whole lot better now though, as players will have the ability to build their very own umbrellas.

One very interesting aspects of season three is that the map will evolve throughout the season as the water recedes, with new points of interest being uncovered as time goes on. This has left Fortnite players extremely excited for season three and beyond.

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