Cyberpunk 2077

Another postponement. Image supplied

Cyberpunk 2077: Release date postponed again

Cyberpunk 2077 will now come out on 10 December 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077

Another postponement. Image supplied

CD Projekt Red has announced that Cyberpunk 2077 release date has been postponed again. The game will now come out on 10 December 2020.


The action RPG was weeks away from its 19 November release date. The latest delay pushes it back 21 days from the planned launch and puts its release about one month after the release of the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5.

The news comes as something of a surprise as CD Projekt Red recently announced that the game had gone gold which seemed to suggest the release was locked in.

The studio clarified that while going gold meant that the game was in a completed state with all its planned content done, it did not mean that the studio had finished improvements to the game.


CD Projekt Red said the game’s cross-generation launch strategy was the reason for the delay and that it was preparing nine different versions of the game for launch.

The next-generation release has complicated matters for the studio which is making sure each version runs smoothly.


The studio recently came under fire after implementing a studio wide mandatory crunch to finish the game despite saying that it would not do so one year prior. The situation became a hot debate in the video game industry with many wondering why the game was not delayed to avoid the crunch.

CD Projekt Red studio head Adam Badowski defended the decision and said, “These last six weeks are our final sprint on a project we have all spent much of our lives on. Something we care for deeply. The majority of the team understands that push, especially in light of the fact that we’ve just sent the game to cert and every day brings us visibly closer to shipping a game we want to be proud of.”