Horizon Zero Dawn comic books

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ comics are a must for fans of the game

Comic book series of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ game continues the post-apocalyptic adventures of heroines Aloy and Talanah.

Horizon Zero Dawn comic books

Guerrilla Games developed the game Horizon Zero Dawn, the story of a brave girl named Aloy who lives in a post-apocalyptic future.

This is a time where robot creatures roam the lands and are armed with deadly laser weapons. However, Aloy’s own arsenal consists of only the most primitive tools such as slingshots, a spear and a bow and arrow.

The game first came out in 2017 and for a long time the PlayStation 4 was the only way you could experience Horizon Zero Dawn.

All that changed in 2020 when Horizon Zero Dawn ported to PC and also received its very own comic book series.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ gets a comic book adaptation

Anne Toole writes and Ann Maulina illustrates the Horizon Zero Dawn comic book series.

It began with issue #0 which hit the streets on “free comic book day”. As the name suggests, this issue is free to download, on Amazon and Comixology.

Issue #1 came out on 5 August  and Issue #2 followed on 2 September.

The comic continues the story of Aloy, a skilled machine hunter who gains a courageous and independent personality after growing up as an outcast.

However, they also pay close attention to Talanah, born into one of the most noble families of the Carja tribe.

In the game, Talanah uses her skill and determination to become the first female leader of the Carja Hunters Lodge. The comics continue her story as leader of the lodge.

Horizon Zero Dawn video game comic books

New characters and new machines

The Horizon Zero Dawn comics expand on the world introduced in the video games. In addition to introducing new characters such as Amadis, it also introduces new machines Aloy and Talanah must face.

One of these is the highly aggressive Clawstrider which has metal feathers and is able to track its targets.

The next issue of the comic book series is set to appear on 30 September and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Although Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel game to Horizon Zero Dawn, is still far from release, the comics will help to keep eager fans pacified until then.