game of thrones samsung galaxy fold winds of winter

A Game of Phones: This company created a 100k Westeros-themed Samsung Galaxy Fold

The limited edition Samsung Galaxy Fold has been fitted with a new case to commemorate Game of Thrones. But it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

game of thrones samsung galaxy fold winds of winter

If you were undecided about the incoming wave of folding phones but are still suffering from the last season of Game of Thrones, this Samsung phone might be just the thing to cheer you up until George R.R. Martin releases the next book.

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This is the Samsung Galaxy fold re-imagined by the folks at Caviar. The company says the folding design reminded them of a book and felt it the perfect opportunity to create their own tributes to Game of Thrones and the long-awaited book:

“Caviar got a test sample of Samsung Fold and being inspired by its shape reminding a book, created a precious design dedicated to the most expected book of the modern time – ‘The Winds of Winter’, a missing part of the novels cycle by George Martin, which lies in the base of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.”

The design features a a small clasp to keep it closed, as well as intricate gold detailing on the cover and the back of the design, complete with an etched map of Westeros.

Caviar has created seven variants of the Game of Thrones phone representing the seven kingdoms of Westeros. They’ll be selling from $8 200 (R118 320). That’s a considerable premium on the $1 980 (R28 570) expected retail price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The detail and design of the Game of Thrones inspired Galaxy Fold certainly is something to behold as it pays homage to story and houses of Westeros.

The price tag might mean that you need to get your Master of Coin to contact the Iron Bank but if you’re a Game of Thrones fan who likes phones that fold, this is the phone for you. Even if you may need to sell an unused organ or two.

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