HONOR Magic6 Pro

A Deep Dive into the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s Advanced Technology. Image: Supplied

A Deep Dive into the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s Advanced Technology

The HONOR Magic6 Pro has cemented itself as a must-have device thanks to its limitless advanced tech features.

HONOR Magic6 Pro

A Deep Dive into the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s Advanced Technology. Image: Supplied

Smartphones have grown exponentially in terms of what they can offer users, since their inception in the mid-90s. Integral to communication, work, and entertainment, smartphones have been on a path of exponential growth. 

As they continue to advance in their offerings, smart device manufacturers endeavour to create new-generation technology that promises to redefine the limits of innovation. This relentless pace of technological progress indicates that new features such as AI integration, machine learning, and edge computing are here to stay. 

According to ZDNet, the top five global smartphone trends of 2024 include on-device Artificial Intelligence, the introduction of foldable, and periscope lenses. 

While these may be trending topics across the tech space, global smart device leader HONOR has been hard at work bringing these innovations to life in its new flagship Magic Series, particularly the HONOR Magic6 Pro.

A powerhouse of advanced technology packed with generative features that provide the ultimate user experience – the HONOR Magic6 Pro defies the traditions of ordinary smartphones. Let’s take a deeper dive into what the device has to offer: 

A Four-Layer Structure to Enhance User Experience

HONOR’s AI integration spans four layers, each enhancing user experience in a unique way. The first layer employs platform-level AI to unify devices, enabling effortless sharing and synchronisation seamlessly. 

Layer two focuses on reconstructing a single-device OS for an enhanced understanding of user needs over time, exemplified by features like Magic Portal and Intent-based UI. 

The third layer applies AI directly on devices, enhancing functions like photo cropping and rendering. Lastly, the fourth layer combines on-device and cloud-based AI, exemplified in HONOR’s AI Privacy Call, ensuring user privacy through directional sound emission.

HONOR Magic6
A Four-Layer Structure to Enhance User Experience. Image: Supplied

The Ultimate Camera Smartphone Camera, According to DXOMARK

The HONOR Magic6 Pro sports a new-generation AI Falcon Camera system – equipped with intelligent AI capabilities. Receiving a Gold DXOMARK score of 158 points, the device has been named the Ultimate Camera Smartphone. 

Blurry shots have become a thing of the past thanks to HONOR’s new AI Motion Sensing Capture, which utilises generative technology to optimise pictures and videos to help capture those fleeting moments.

The AI technology embedded into the camera system recognises and adapts to every unique and dynamic scenario, ensuring exceptional quality and clarity. The updated version of the HONOR AI Falcon Camera holds over 8 million images, 28 times larger than the previous generation, within its AI network.

Experience the Magic with HONOR’s Magic Portal

One of the many standout features is Magic Portal, a new AI feature that has been designed with the consumer in mind. This innovative technology enables the device to interpret text messages, images, and user behaviours – based on its learnings, it will predict and offer quick-click solutions. 

Copying an address? Magic Portal will offer to move it to the navigation app or pop open a social media platform after the user has taken a picture to post it. 

Keeping Calls Confidential

The world has become a place where more and more people crave privacy. HONOR’s advanced developments have led to the introduction of AI Privacy Call 3.0 – a real game-changer in the smartphone industry.

This new piece of tech addresses the issue of sound leakage, a common concern for those who answer calls in public spaces. With a combination of AI and hardware, this feature directs sound straight to the user’s ear to ensure conversations remain confidential in open spaces. 

The HONOR Magic6 Pro confirms the brand’s dedication to producing and offering cutting-edge technological advancements, especially in the realm of AI. 

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR Magic6 Pro is available in Black and Epi Green at selected retailers for the recommended retail price of  R27,999.

For more information, please visit HONOR here.