winter fashion collage

winter fashion collage 2020

Lockdown with winter fashion essentials in neutral shades

Here are the hot and happening items of knitwear, coats, boots and bottoms to look out for as the weather cools.

winter fashion collage

winter fashion collage 2020

Winter has come and it is now the best time to stock up on warmer wear. Seeing that winter clothes are already going on sale, here are the hot and happening items that you must bag.


knitwear winter fashion

What a time to be alive, to see the turtleneck jersey make its comeback! This time, though, it has a very specific feel to it. Tuck it into your high waist jeans or a skirt, or go for wide-leg pants for a more sophisticated look.

They are in every store right now, and in various price ranges. Go for softer and more subtle colours like white, cream, beige, grey and camel, for the classic chic look.


fashion winter pants trousers bottoms

Pants can make or break the deal. Pinterest some bourgeois-style outfits and behold, we have the answer! The more tailored the trousers, the better. Or, go big and opt for wide-leg pants in a neutral colour (note subdued palette).

Wear a pair to be playful or professional, and hit a virtual party or Zoom meeting. The perfect boot will complete the look.


winter ankle boots

As much as we all love a good pair of sneakers, boots are the best go-to footwear for this weather.

Knee-high equestrian style boots were very popular on the streets and on runways, but the not-too-high and not-too-flat block heel boots seem to be the season’s favourite. Invest in some leather boots, with a bit of a high top, and a comfortable heel height.


winter coat collage

The coat is the final, very important layer. Like a good pair of boots, a coat is a long-term investment.

Coats, especially longer length coats, with masculine styling, and trench coats are very popular and are available in almost every clothing store. This means any price category and so many to choose from.

Do not go too cheap (watch out for the kind that attracts cat hair and every other thing) but stick to your budget. Then, if you see the right one, do not hesitate. From colourful to neutral, any coat would be a good buy in this Alaska-like weather and could be your forever best-buy.


Now for the last touch to this layering process, accessories! There are many options to choose from, like beanies, scarves, gloves (very popular in leather) and cute socks.

Little things like a scarf can change an entire outfit.

Do not underestimate the power of an add-on and do not hesitate to try new things. If you have never fancied yourself rocking a pair of leather gloves, just go for it, soon they will call you the trendsetter!