Dwayne Johnson. Image via Twitter @ottawasuncom

WWE: Who tops the ultimate wrestling rich list?

With the highly anticipated WrestleMania event on the horizon, we take a look at who tops the ultimate WWE rich list.


Dwayne Johnson. Image via Twitter @ottawasuncom

WWE’s flagship pay-per-view (PPV), WrestleMania, will be taking place on 6-7 April in what is sure to be a highly entertaining affair.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship will be on the line when Roman Reigns defends his title against the winner of the 2024 Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes.

Meanwhile, in The Showcase of the Immortals, Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins will go head to head with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Reigns in a match with huge WrestleMania implications.

As anticipation builds ahead of this event, we take a look at the ultimate WWE rich list, which unsurprisingly features “The Rock” at the top.

Who features on the ‘podium’ of the WWE rich list?

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – $800 million

The iconic wrestler became a household name as one of the most popular WWE stars of all time, but he has taken his fame and wealth to another level as one of the most well-paid actors in all of Hollywood.

2. Triple H – $250 million

Triple H is another wrestler from a famed generation of entertainment superstars, while his wealth post-retirement has skyrocketed after taking over as WWE’s chief content officer and head of creative.

3. John Cena – $80 million

You can almost certainly expect this estimated wealth number to keep rising as Cena has also made a successful transition from WWE to Hollywood, starring in a number of movies and TV shows. During his wrestling days, Cena was also hugely successful, claiming a joint-record 16 world titles.

Hollywood success

Previously, Johnson has highlighted how he knew that being a successful wrestler didn’t guarantee a successful career in the volatile world of blockbuster acting.

He said: “Even though I wrestled for 20-50,000 people, I wanted it to feel intimate and the connection to feel real. So, I found my power space in professional wrestling and when I had a goal to transition into acting, I knew then as I was transitioning when I was 29 making The Scorpion King, I knew then that in order for me to be a good actor and to have a career that had real longevity, and not just in it for two to three years, become this hot new actor, make a couple of action movies, maybe a comedy or two and then disappear, I didn’t want that.”

Johnson is also well known for using his wealth for good causes, which include numerous philanthropic endeavours, while he has also become a highly successful businessman.

Last year “The Rock” also made headlines when he gifted Zimbabwean UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo a new home after he had fallen on hard times.