WWE: Top five ladder matches y

WWE: Top five ladder matches you can watch for free [video]

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WWE: Top five ladder matches y

Although it was invented in 1972 by Stampede Wrestling, the ladder match has been a frequent attraction in pro wrestling since Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon’s groundbreaking 1994 battle at WWE Wrestlemania X.

For over two decades, the ladder match has created new stars in the likes of The Hardyz, Edge, and Chris Jericho. Through the creative carnage, prestige, and even the object itself winning a championship, the ladder in wrestling has become a feared entity of its own.

The ladder match is always an occasional spectacle reserved for bigger events. But, what if you could watch them any time, for free? Good news is you can! Check them out as we count down the best ones available on Youtube.

5. Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, TNA Turning Point 2012

What do you get when you mix a ladder match maestro with a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion? You get a notably ingenious ladder match. Jeff Hardy is in a crucial moment of a career resurgence here, fully maturing his trademark high-risk tactics years before returning to WWE with his brother Matt Hardy. Austin Aries is in a similar spot, turning himself into a star by challenging the Charismatic Enigma at his own game.

Say what you want about Jeff Hardy being the best in the world at this match type, but Austin Aries arguably stole the show. He is downright crafty. Both competitors know exactly how to think outside the box, or outside the ring so to speak.


4. Kane (c) vs. Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy vs. The Dudley Boys [Bubba Ray Dudley & Spike Dudley] vs. Chris Jericho & Christian, WWE Tag Team Championships, WWE RAW 7 October, 2002 (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match)

If you look up “chaos” in the dictionary, you will see a screenshot from WWE’s 4th Tables, Ladders, Chairs match a.k.a. TLC 4. If you have watched WWE in the past 10 years, you can already see that this match is stacked with 6 ex-world champions and a wide variety of wrestling styles.

TLC 4 exemplifies exactly how bonkers the WWE was at the time. Kane had to defend the WWE Tag Team Championships on his own after his partner got injured. The match was booked based on spinning a roulette wheel. The “throw everything at the wall until something sticks” is exactly what gives TLC 4 its charm.


3. CM Punk (c) vs. Kassius Ohno for the IWA-MS Heavyweight Championship, IWA-MS House Of Hardcore 2002 (Tables & Ladders Match)

CM Punk has found success everywhere he’s went, from small local venues to Wrestlemania. But, he didn’t get there on his own. His rivalry with NXT’s Kassius Ohno, under his Chris Hero alias, put both superstars on the map of the indie wrestling scene.

They were young and hungry, doing whatever it takes for underground success. This match is an hour-long epic in three acts: a technical wrestling clinic, a slobber-knocker brawl, then an all out ladder war full of innovative offense.


2. Women’s Money in the Bank: Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Tamina, WWE Money in the Bank 2017

The 18th Money In The Bank Ladder Match is known for two things: it was the first to feature women and an infamous ending. Hype and controversy aside, these badass ladies do showed that they can dish out destruction as crazy as the men can!

Charlotte Flair was a human highlight reel taking everyone out with kicks to the face and a moonsault to the outside. Tamina played a similar role to Kane in the # 4 match, being a nearly unstoppable powerhouse. Becky Lynch, as always, was the never-say-die underdog who stood up after even the most severe crashes onto the steel.

The wild part is that they’re only getting started, as the 2018 edition of this match will feature 8 women.


1. The Undertaker (c) vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship, WWE RAW, 1 July, 2002

Showing up for a third time on this list is The Daredevil himself, Jeff Hardy. The major difference here is that his risky tactics are not the focal point instead opting for more of an emotional performance. That night, it was about more than Hardy literally trying to capture the WWE Championship early in his single career. It was about gaining respect from the grizzled ring veteran in The Undertaker.

Everything about this ladder match represents a deeper metaphor about our own lives. When we’re young, we are all Jeff Hardy at the bottom of the ladder in a world that’s bigger than us. The Undertaker is all adversity. We might not find glory on the first, second, third, or fourth try, but must keep climbing whilst earning respect. Eventually, we all can stand atop the ladder as multiple-time champions of life.


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