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WWE Raw results and highlights: Becky Lynch retains against the EST

WWE Raw kicked off with a massive Women’s title match which saw the Irish Lass-kicker retain her championship.


Photo: WWE

WWE Raw kicked off with a massive Women’s title match which saw the Irish Lass-kicker retain her championship.

Raw also saw the WWE Champion Big E in action in a match against Kevin Owens which saw Seth Rollins interfere.

Austin Theory continued his impressive run of victories against established names on the roster.

There are also new challengers for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles.


Becky Lynch def. Bianca Belair to retain the Raw Women’s Title

Far from their 27-second match at SummerSlam in which Becky Lynch stole the SmackDown Women’s Title and ended The EST of WWE’s reign, Bianca Belair pulled out all the stops to attempt to capture the Raw Women’s Title from Big Time Becks in Raw’s thrilling opening contest.

A classic matchup from start to finish, filled with epic moments from both competitors, created what could be called one of the greatest title matches in recent memory.

When Belair hoisted the titleholder for the K.O.D. in the final moments, though, The Man had enough presence of mind to grab the ropes. As she did, she pulled off the turnbuckle and hurled The EST of WWE into the exposed metal corner. As Belair dropped to the canvas, Big Time Becks picked up the victory with a handful of tights.  

Austin Theory def. Rey Mysterio

After disrespecting the Mysterios and ultimately overcoming Dominik last week, a cocky Austin Theory battled Rey Mysterio in a fast-paced, one-on-one showdown.

Throughout the matchup, young Dominik, standing outside the ring, and Theory openly showed their distrain for one another. Several times throughout the contest, this let to physical altercations which included Dominik pulling his father free of Austin’s grip and paving the way for The Master of the 619 to deliver a Spinning DDT into the ringside floor as well as Theory delivering a double kick to Dominik’s face through the ropes.

When Rey got his opponent on the ropes for the 619, an antagonized Dominik suddenly slapped the outspoken Superstar. Although Rey connected with his signature 619-splash combination, the referee noticed the slap and called for the bell to award the contest to Austin Theory.

Seth Rollins stirred the pot as Big E was sent on a collision course with Kevin Owens

After besting Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio and Finn Bálor in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match last week, an ecstatic Seth Rollins wasted little time belittling the WWE Championship reign of Big E and more/less insinuated that he and not The Powerhouse of Positivity was actually the Face of the Raw. When Big E proposed that they settle things with a WWE Title Match right there and then, Rollins laughed it off and opted to wait to exercise his title match until he was 100 percent.  

When Kevin Owens crashed the party and made his own impassioned argument to being the Face of Raw and, before the moment was over, Big E accepted his challenge for a match.

Queen Zelina & Carmella def. Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H.

Following a backstage altercation, Queen Zelina teamed with Carmella to overcome WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H in a Tag Team Title Contenders Match. When Carmella distracted Nikki on the apron in the closing moments of the matchup, Queen Zelina used the moment to execute the Sunset Bomb to score a victory over the titleholders in a Championship Contender Match! 

Finn Bálor def. Chad Gable

Although Chad Gable is out to prove the effectiveness of his Alpha Academy leadership at The Prince’s expense after being rejected by WWE Champion Big E, Finn Bálor was able to fight through an injured leg and a devastating Superplex off the top rope to lock in the last second cradle and pick up the win on over his technically proficient opponent. 

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode def. The Street Profits

After Omos cost them a Triple Threat Match for a Raw Tag Team Title opportunity and handed the victory The Dirty Dawgs last week, The Street Profits still wanted the smoke, and a bit of payback , from former SmackDown Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode.

When chaos took over in the final moments of the matchup, however, Omos stormed out towards the ring with a sea of officials trying to stop him. The distraction allowed Dolph Ziggler to overcome Montez Ford.

After the bell, Omos took out both advancing Street Profits and well as an overly excited Riddle who just couldn’t help leaping from the Raw announce table to go after the gigantic Superstar.

Damian Priest def. T-BAR in a No Disqualification Match

Following the turbulent events of last week, Damian Priest battled T-Bar in an extremely physical No Disqualification Match incorporating tables, unforgiving ring posts, steel chairs, Kendo sticks and more.

But after T-Bar tied Priest in the ropes and broke a Kendo stick on the United States Champion, Damian absolutely snapped. After aggressively unloading on T-Bar with the Steel Cage, Priest chokeslammed his prey through an exploding table before finishing him off with the Final Reckoning.

As the dust cleared, though, Apollo Crews emerged with Commander Azeez. The former Intercontinental Champion introduced himself and his menacing cohort and promised that the day was coming when it would be The Anchor of Infamy’s “privilege” to lose the U.S. Title to him.

Big E def. Kevin Owens

Although Kevin Owens was out to show that he — and not Big E or Seth Rollins — was the face of WWE, the WWE Champion was determined to shut down the naysayers by taking on KO and proving he was the true centerpiece of the red brand.

In a critical moment of the hard-fought showdown, however, Big E and Kevin Owens collided. When checked on Owens, Seth suddenly delivered an attack to The Powerhouse of Positivity. Although Owens seemed to almost reluctantly take advantage of the disturbance, Big E turned the tables at the last second and picked up the quick pin.

An awkward moment ensued after the matchup when both Superstars saw the replays and Big E realized what had happened. Although Owens apologized, claimed he didn’t know what happened and challenged Rollins to a match next week to get even, Big E responded with the Big Ending.

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