WWE RAW: Results, live stream

WWE RAW: Results, live stream and video highlights – 4th June 2019

The deadman returned to RAW, Seth Rollins got a beatdown from Brock and R-Truth stole the show again. Get your full results here.

WWE RAW: Results, live stream

The WWE rolls through Austin, Texas with a Monday Night RAW that promises to be as big as the State itself.

The Big Dog kicks things off once again as Roman Reigns makes his way out. Before Roman can talk, Shane McMahon comes out. They have words about what’s going to happen in their match at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia this Friday. This seems familiar. Drew McIntyre is out next. Roman is attacked by The Revival from behind. The Usos rush out for the save.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Drew McIntyre & The Revival

Result: Drew gets the pin on one of the Usos. The heels beat down Roman after the match. Shane even spears Roman and mocks his celebration.

It’s time for MizTV, his special guest is WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. While Seth is speaking on his upcoming opponents, we see Brock Lesnar arrive backstage. Brock and Paul Heyman decide to cash in and Brock walks towards the ring entrance…but then turns around and goes to the dressing room.

Lucha House Party vs Lars Sullivan

Result: No match here, just a beatdown by Lars. Lucha fight Lars off.

Backstage the IICONICS are bullying Nikki Cross. Alexa Bliss shows up to backup Nikki.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring next. Becky speaks on Lacey Evans, who makes her way out to confront The Man. The crowd gives Lacey the “what” treatment. Out comes Charlotte Flair. Charlotte and Lacey end up going back and forth with the insults. Lacey blindsides Charlotte with a right hand. Becky sneaks out the right.

Lacey Evans vs Charlotte Flair

Result: Becky attacks both competitors for the DQ win for Lacey.

After the break, we join Rey Mysterio in the ring. He’s here to relinquish the United States Championship. Before he can hand over the title, Samoa Joe comes down to demand his title. Rey hands over the title to Joe, but Joe attacks him anyways.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley in an Arm Wrestling contest.

Result: Braun wins the arm wrestling contest after some silliness. Lashley attacks after throwing some chalk in Braun’s eyes.

We get a look at the 24/7 championship. R-Truth lost to Jinder Mahal on a golf course, but immediately won it back. Why was Jinder in full gear on a golf course?? Backstage Drake Maverick has enlisted the help of EC3 to find Truth.

Nikki Cross with Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce with Billie Kaye

Result: Nikki pins Peyton after a neckbreaker. During the match Alexa had coffee spilled on her. She attacks Billie Kaye after the match.

Seth Rollins is back in the ring. He calls out Brock Lesnar, but instead gets Baron Corbin. After some words, they brawl. Brocks music plays and Seth is distracted, Corbin hits him with the End of Days. Here comes Brock to cash in. Brock hits a low blow and some chair shots. Brock ignores Paul Heyman’s please to cash in officially, and screams “not now”. Brock beats down Seth some more. Brock shouts he will cash in on Friday. Brock leaves Seth laying and he’s carried out on a stretcher.

It’s time for a very special episode of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse. It’s a great episode where Bray mocks his weight with a pig puppet named Husky.

Triple H makes his way to the ring to confront Randy Orton ahead of their clash at Super Showdown. The Game does all the talking, and leaves Randy smiling in the ring.

Backstage Baron Corbin is shaken up about what happened to Seth…he then starts laughing saying he’s going to celebrate because Brock did him a favour.

Ricochet vs Cesaro

Result: Ricochet gets the surprise win.

After the match Cesaro pulls a table out from under the ring, and R-Truth is attached to it. He’s been hiding there all night. The superstars are chasing him. Carmella nails Drake Maverick with a superkick, and Truth makes a getaway.

The Undertaker makes his return to Monday Night RAW to address his upcoming first time ever match against Bill Goldberg at next week’s Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. He warns Goldberg, “You’re Next!”.

That’s it for RAW, we will see you tomorrow for Smackdown.

WWE Raw start time and live stream, 4th June 2019

WWE Raw is live on SuperSport 4 in South Africa with the broadcast starting at 2:00 on 4th June. Subscription required.