The ‘idea that rugby is white

The ‘idea that rugby is white dominated is laughable’, SARU boss

Don’t lecture us on transformation; those are the words of SARU president Oregan Hoskins, amid the racial controversy surrounding the Springbok squad and SA’s participation in this year’s Rugby World Cup.

The ‘idea that rugby is white

Hoskins, in an open letter to all South Africans, made it pretty damn clear that the 31 players we sent off to England are the ‘pride of our nation’, and he’s not the only one. Sport minister Fikile Mbalula shares the very same sentiment.

This, despite Tshidiso Mokhoanatse’s best efforts in the Pretoria High court to push his ‘Agency  for New Agenda’ political party’s ambitions of polarising the local sports environment; arguing that the minister as well as SARU had failed to ensure that the Springboks reflected the country’s ‘racial demographics’.

 “Not one of those players selected himself and yet there are those who wish them ill, and even to fail, as some form of protest against rugby and what they perceive to be our transformation record,” said Hoskins.

While his position as SARU president exposes him to scrutiny from all corners, Hoskins added that he’s been growing increasingly frustrated at the racially charged opinions surrounding South African rugby.

 “Let us get one thing absolutely clear: Our sport is massively transformed from where it was in 1992.”


“The idea of an ‘exclusive’, ‘white-dominated’ game is frankly laughable. What we are is a successful, high performance sport in a competitive global environment; we are a responsible South African corporate citizen and we are a business. We fully realise that to stay relevant and vibrant in our country we need to evolve.”


“So, no one needs to lecture us about the importance of transformation – we got there long ago.”

If you’d like to know more before adding your voice to the chorus, feel free to read Hoskins’ letter here.