SAFA implementing VAR. Image: Wikimedia

SAFA closer to implementing VAR

In an effort to improve the standard of local refereeing, SAFA is looking at introducing the much-awaited VAR system.


SAFA implementing VAR. Image: Wikimedia

The South African Football Association (SAFA) said they are one step closer to implementing the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the country.

In an effort to improve the standard of local refereeing, SAFA is looking at introducing the VAR system which is being used around the world.

The association also confirmed that a letter was sent to world football governing body FIFA, spelling out the Association’s plans.

VAR to be implemented says SAFA

In the letter to FIFA, SAFA provided the itemised costs of the programme including those of VAR training, referees, technical staff and the equipment.

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‘’We(SAFA) sent a letter to FIFA about our intention to implement the VAR process and the world football governing body has confirmed receipt of the letter and will most likely respond to our correspondence anytime from now. They will give us direction on the way forward,’’ said head of referees, Abdul Ebrahim.

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Former South African referee, Victor Gomes, said the letter to FIFA was to seek advice and inform them that the Association was ready to proceed to the next stage of the project of introducing VAR in the country.

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VAR a game changer for South African football

‘’We have been working hard to get this project off the ground. When I was appointed the SAFA Referees Committee chair, one of my main priorities was to introduce VAR and I am glad to say, soon this will be a reality,’’ said Gomes.

Local soccer fans have been pleading with SAFA to introduce VAR especially in the PSL where controversial decisions are made by local referees.


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