Kaizer Chiefs

Blom catches the eyes of his teammates at Naturena. Image: @KaizerChiefs / Twitter

Former Chiefs star confirms wise decision

Still wondering why Njabulo Blom turned down Kaizer Chiefs’ new deal offer? Here’s his version of the story all the way from America.

Kaizer Chiefs

Blom catches the eyes of his teammates at Naturena. Image: @KaizerChiefs / Twitter

It’s been 10 months since Njabulo Blom said goodbye to Kaizer Chiefs. Here is why he chose to move on to St Louis in America.

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As reported across local media on 23 December 2022, the Dobsonville-born midfielder sealed a move to the United States to join St Louis on a two-year contract that includes a two-year extension.

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The 22-year-old has now revealed the reasons for saying no to the Chiefs’ extension offer before later discovering interest from St Louis.

“I’ve heard a lot of people saying the league in the USA is not as competitive, they say. I feel like you only see it when you are there, I’ve been there for like a year now, and I think it’s a very competitive league because a lot of players from Europe are coming in now and also players from South America make the league a bit better,” Blom said.

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“My [idea] was to use it as a stepping stone to better leagues in Europe and also grow as a person. it is really a good stepping stone, especially when you are from Africa, and it’s a good league, good environment.

“It was in November, and I was still trying to figure out my next move because there were things with Chiefs that weren’t good – we were not on good terms in terms of my contract.

“My agent told me there’s a new team in the US they like kind of interested in me, and it might be a good move for me, a stepping stone to go to Europe,” he added.

“I sat down with my mom and my dad, my family we spoke about it. It was really a good move for me especially to grow as a human being, move out of my comfort zone find myself as a young adult. We finalised everything in December,” Blom concluded.


Meanwhile, Major League Soccer later revealed Blom’s income per year.

According to the league’s website, Blom is on a $246,000 (R4.73 million) base salary and $338,250 (R6.51 million) in guaranteed compensation per year at his new club – Blom’s monthly guaranteed compensation is $28,188 (R543,000).

Having signed a two-year contract, this means the Chiefs academy graduate will bag a total of R13 million in two years.

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