Gavin Hunt lashes out at coaches who hug players. Image: @YELL0MAN/X

“I hate these coaches who hug players, it’s all for show” – Hunt

“When they lose, are they hugging their players?” Gavin Hunt asked but refused to name the PSL coaches he was referring to.


Gavin Hunt lashes out at coaches who hug players. Image: @YELL0MAN/X

Gavin Hunt has lashed out at local coaches who hug their players, calling them fake.

The 59-year-old discusses his dissatisfaction regarding coaching hugging their players on live television while speaking to Peter Du Toit on his YouTube Channel, This Is Football Africa.

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Hunt not pleased with PSL coaches hugging their players after win

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“I hate these coaches, and I won’t mention names. They hug the players. It’s all for show. It’s all a lot of bulls**t,” Hunt said.

“When they lose, are they hugging their players? No, you don’t see them hugging the players. So we’ve got to have a good relationship, yes we’ve got to have a good environment where we’re all working towards a common goal. I don’t like to be false with a player. I see this guy, I never saw Sir Alex Ferguson hug his players,” Hunt said on  This Is Football Africa.

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In the same inteview, the SuperSport United coach asked if he could consider returning to his old Kaizer Chiefs.

“Yeha, yeah,” Hunt said.

“I mean Peter come on, let’s be honest. We got to the semi-finals of the Champions League. And then they obviously got the final, but I got the bullet on the semi-final.

“I mean it’s a great club, great institution. They need, they needed an overhaul. They’ve done a complete overhaul now since I’ve left,” he said.

Hunt said Kaizer Chiefs were not patient with him and would have won trophies in his second season.

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