Bafana legend

Benni McCarthy, goalscorer supreme. Image: Goal

Hunt calls out Broos: ‘That’s how I got Benni into Bafana’

Bafana’s success hinges on better coach co-operation, says South African legend Gavin Hunt. Can they bridge the gap?

Bafana legend

Benni McCarthy, goalscorer supreme. Image: Goal

South African football icon Gavin Hunt is putting the spotlight firmly on collaboration. Hunt, whose experience spans decades, is passionate about ensuring stronger links between the Premier Soccer League (PSL) and Bafana Bafana’s coaching staff, led by Hugo Broos.

His call for unity echoes a recurring hope amongst fans: to see the best South African talent flourish consistently on the international stage.

Hunt’s Bafana Bafana History

The SuperSport United manager draws on his successful track record working with previous Bafana Bafana coaches. “All the coaches who have been here… that’s how I got Benni [McCarthy] in the team,” he revealed.

This personal anecdote hints at a history of effective teamwork, proving that a joined-up approach can produce fantastic results for South African football.

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Hunt is firm in his belief that consistent co-operation is vital for Bafana Bafana to reach its full potential: “It’s very important that the national team coach has interaction with local coaches… there’s nothing wrong with picking up the phone.”

It’s about more than individual talents or managerial agendas; it’s about creating a system where players are nurtured and prepared effectively for Bafana Bafana selection.

Bafana Bafana’s Path to Global Recognition

Hunt isn’t merely focused on past glories. He believes the future is bright under Broos, recalling their fruitful meeting prior to the Africa Cup of Nations and praising the manager’s knowledge.

He concluded by stressing his support for Broos’ ongoing mission: “They had a great AFCON, so long may it continue. So, let’s try and get into the World Cup now.”

His optimism comes with a plea for increased teamwork. With Bafana Bafana’s next big goals just over the horizon, Hunt’s words remind us that success on the world stage won’t depend solely on the national coach.

It calls for active collaboration across the whole of South African football, recognising that PSL coaches play a crucial role in developing world-class Bafana Bafana players.

A Team Effort

Gavin Hunt’s comments underscore the idea that Bafana Bafana is more than a list of names on a squad sheet. It represents a nation united by its love of the game. When national team coaches and the PSL join forces, they cultivate an environment where the next Benni McCarthy can emerge — and where Bafana Bafana can stand tall in the global arena.