Lyle Foster Burnley Broos

Lyle Foster. Photo by PHILL MAGAKOE / AFP

‘Wannabe European’: Mzansi blasts Lyle Foster after Broos bombshell

South African tweeps had mixed reactions after Bafana coach Hugo Broos questioned Lyle Foster’s loyalty to the national team.

Lyle Foster Burnley Broos

Lyle Foster. Photo by PHILL MAGAKOE / AFP

The recent viral interview with Hugo Broos, in which he detailed his frustration after receiving a ‘don’t call me’ message from striker Lyle Foster, has sparked mixed responses from South Africans on social media.

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Prior to the Afcon tournament, Foster took a break due to ‘citing ‘mental health issues’ and was ultimately unavailable for Bafana Bafana.

Bafana coach Hugo Broos has now explained that they were more than happy to allow Foster all the necessary support and time off, but frustration grew when the playmaker then returned to action for Burnley after South Africa were told he wasn’t available for selection.

“Lyle Foster himself wrote a letter to say, ‘Please don’t call me because I am not ready to play Afcon’”, Broos said, as quoted by TimesLive. “But then he starts playing for his club and he plays every game for 90 minutes. I am asking myself why it wasn’t possible for him to come with us to Ivory Coast.

“This is my frustration, but I will not blame anyone. I am frustrated when I see him play because we could have used him at Afcon. He is a good striker and he scores. If we had Lyle we were going to be much stronger.”

The interview has garnered a lot of traction on social media, with responses varying from full support for Lyle Foster to downright dislike and to an extent disrespect for the centre forward.

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Quoted below are some of the big takes shared on Twitter regarding the Lyle Foster situation.

“I’ll be there on the last day of the season when Burnley gets relegated.”

“I think this continued talk about Lyle Foster undermines the players we took to AFCON who plays in his position. We must focus and appreciate the players that are willing to represent our nation and stop whining about European wannabes.”

“He’s never getting another call up.”

“This is my chat. I wish him well on his mental health recovery and career. I just don’t want to see him wear out Bafana badges.”

“Should never wear the jersey again.”

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“I honestly don’t know what to make of this Lyle Foster situation.”

“He’s simply gonna need to man up and apologise to the national team coach who’s clearly hurt, SAFA and his teammates so we can all move on from this. Football is what we need to focus on. No time for drama, we are on a roll.”

“He should never wear the Bafana jersey ever again and I pray his team gets relegated.”

“Not ready for AFCON, but ready for relegation. Understood.”

“We no longer recognize him as a Bafana Bafana player.”

“I have never heard or seen any praise or congratulatory messages coming from Lyle Foster on Bafana Bafana’ stun at the AFCON 2023.”

“I tried to defend Lye Foster but him AND Burnley were low-key taking the piss was one of the clauses in his contract ‘club takes precedence over country???”

“Hhayi, this Lyle Foster situation is getting indefensible.”

“Lyle made his decision and when the dust settles he may have to accept that he kissed his international future goodbye for a club that won’t hesitate to sell him when he’s no longer needed.”

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And while there were more hateful comments directed at Lyle Foster than then ones mentioned above, there were also incredibly sweet and supportive messages.

“Bathong, why blast him like this a sokola ka mental health? He is slowly getting back, le nyaka a bashing ke SAns mxm.”

“I hope he recovers from whatever was wrong and comes back into the fold.”

“Mental health issues are a bit “new” to us. We call them all sorts of names, ukuzenzisa, ubumbulu etc. Until we understand, let the boy be.”

“Some of you need to take a look in the mirror because you can’t be upset about men’s mental health not being taken seriously then do this. This man Lyle Foster came out and was honest, was he supposed to tell you how anxious he’d be playing for the country because one mistake from and you may have said he “let the country down”.

“The same people who are preaching ‘be kind, we don’t know what others are facing‘ are the ones slagging off Lyle Foster who has opened up about his struggles. But I guess stans who hide behind keyboards and avis dedicated to their goats know better than the actual player.”

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Lyle Foster warms up at Burnley FC: Image via Lyle Foster's Facebook page @ Lyle Foster
Lyle Foster warms up at Burnley FC: Image via Lyle Foster’s Facebook page @ Lyle Foster