Soccer handicap betting

Soccer handicap betting: Premier League tips and tricks: Image: Supplied

Soccer handicap betting: Premier League tips and tricks

Try out soccer handicap betting and partake of a more exciting wagering experience. Easybets shares tips and tricks for betting in the EPL.

Soccer handicap betting

Soccer handicap betting: Premier League tips and tricks: Image: Supplied

Soccer handicap betting levels the playing field and creates a more exciting wagering experience. By giving a head start to the underdog and handicapping the favourite, it allows you to bet on uneven matches with more attractive odds.

Let’s explain how soccer handicaps work using examples from the English Premier League (EPL).

What is handicap betting in soccer?

A handicap bet essentially adjusts the scoreline at the start of the match to make the contest more balanced. For example, if Liverpool plays Manchester United, Liverpool may be -1.5 goals, while United is +1.5 goals.

This means Liverpool starts with a 1.5 goal deficit, while United has a 1.5 goal advantage. For a bet on Liverpool to pay out, they would need to win by 2 or more goals.

Over/Under handicap bets

Another popular handicap bet is over/under a certain number of goals scored. If the handicap for Liverpool vs. Arsenal is over/under 2.5 goals, bettors can wager whether the total goals will be over or under 2.5. Last season, Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0 at home for over 2.5 goals. But earlier in the season, Arsenal won 3-2 for over 2.5.

Tips for EPL handicap betting success

  • Research form – example: Liverpool averages over 2 goals per game at home, making them a good over 2.5 bet at Anfield.
  • Shop for odds – Man City may be -2.5 vs. Chelsea, but you could find -1.5 goals at another bookmaker.
  • Study styles – Counterattacking sides like Tottenham can cover big handicaps away by absorbing pressure and hitting on the break.
  • Avoid giving huge handicaps to the EPL’s top teams like City, Liverpool and Chelsea. But backing them on small handicaps can provide value.

Where to bet on Premier League handicaps

Easybet offers an extensive range of soccer handicap lines and betting markets for the EPL, La Liga, Champions League and other major competitions.

Their competitive odds, Welcome Bonus of R50 (use promo code PLAY50), and safe and legal betting make them an ideal platform for the South African market.

Give handicap betting a try this Premier League season to make the matches more thrilling! You can level the playing field and back the underdog at attractive odds or spot the favourite a few goals.

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